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Destruct - Leaving Yet? (Album Review)

Destruct - Leaving Yet?

Let me sum up this album in one word!


The Leaving Yet LP starts off with that raw mid 90’s samplebased beat meets Quotebased cuts, and laidback flow.

Progress Feat L.D:

I break rules and avoid the repercucions cus now a days the smaller shit will get you locked for nothing , trapped behind bars”

Without a fair court discussion,  I stay dropping bars and reveal what be disgusting, THE TRUTH

This sets the mood, the tempo and gets you ready for what is to be. “Leaving Yet”.

The ironic part of it, is that this album does not want you as the listener to leave at all, with a well rounded sound and well produced beats.

Mastered by EQ and partially mixed by EQ, the sound is very approved.

Now I can reveal that this is not the newest project that Destruct has done, but it is timeless, both soundwise, vocal performance and all over mix.

Raise the bar:
The French sample on the second track brings me back to the Reflection Eternal sound, and has that Hi-Tek feeling, that I see as a huge compliment to the producer.
I can’t weightlift for shit, but still raising the bar

 That pretty much sums up what Destruct is, he’s a humble young cat, with a huge talent. 

Dreamin' feat. EQ, Ophelia & Impress:
A mellow soul-sample with that Westcoast /nottz sounding bounce.
Guitar sample is great, with a genius interaction with the bassline.
Lyrically this is a great "reflect upon our day and age" type track.
With the voulnerability in the female vocals and the simple put reflected lyrics through out the track.
No more beef, between west and east sounds better. Lets all make this money together.”
I’m about change like obamas campaign. “
It’s well directed and well put,  but simple.

Starts off with that up in your face – Toe-to-Toe feeling.
“Punks got a 50/50 chance of living.” As the sample says.
Destruct starts of
Theres 6 million ways to die choose all of them, times that by zero and see how you’re dodging them

And that aint nothing but a raw slice, now heres the whole pie, with no time to think twice!

Beats and vocals interact so well with the sound effects added to this track.
I’m madly impressed by the producers contributing on this album, now that there are different type producers, actually creating a soundwise synchronity.

Write or Wrong
 Reminds me of a Kanye Meets Kid Cudi track when it comes to the beat / Chorus and feeling. Even mixwise it is so clean, but with some distortion.

The only thing that stops this beat for me, making it lose the actual impact it had on my ears, would be the drums and perc/clap.
Chorus is magnificent  though.

The Vibe feat. Kev Brown
Kev Brown is in my ears a really talented producer.
And this track is no exception.
With the repetitive baseline, setting a mid 90s mood. And giving a crazy dynamic sound to the half sung - half rapped chorus.
Not the greatest track on the album. But definitely a perfect interlude joint.

Moment for self feat XP
My favorite track hands down.
XP from Rhyme Addicts has been getting shine overseas and well earned a true talent.
And a great team up for Destruct. True L.A hip-hop.
"Take for granted?  Fuck nah, I'm taking the planet. No comparison, you killing time. I'm taking advantage. Its embarrassing what you consider quality rapping. me and X got the building blocks making a passage! 

And we carrying the torch and preserving the art. Where and Mc can shine when they cooking that raw. I escape from them fakes that be lacking that heart. And Its more than the music when I'm talking to y'all"
I had to quote more then half the verse.
Do you understand what this is?!
This is rap. This is heart!
And its not leaving yet.

Gotta Get Mine Feat. Plenty Hendrix
Sample Chord based beat with a slight repetitive set up. But a well known and well sounding sample.
The best element of this track for me. Has to be the female vocals.
Creating a good diversity if looked upon as a whole. When it comes to this L.P.

Time's up
Baseline makes the song
And sets the correct mood. 
Has to be a fact when it comes to this track. Lyrically it's smart and well reflected for such a young mc.
Specially with a catchy hook such as:
"It's a race for the papes.

When you out on the grind

Hard to make a honest living.

But it's easy with crime

Trying to see through the dark

Any sign of a light

Any chance to make sense in this moment of time."

Show & Prove feat.  LD
Showing and proving might be what these cats have been doing throughout the album
I haven't heard one weak track thus far.
But have to say that the biggest gap for me is between the inspirational topics and the straight spitting tracks.

Deadly Sin
Beat wise being that this is produced by Destruct and Joaquin Pacheco, I’m blown away.
The production sounds great, simplicity mixed with a rough mixed beat.
Partially uncontrolled but, well balanced.
The hook is catchy, coherent with the baseline and a different type of track amongst these rather hard tracks.
Deadly sin is a well put love song, being both immature and sensual.
A great listening experience.

Cold World Feat Dye
Straight to it, Chris sets it off saying “Wireless plan, connected with the heart of a man”
The hook by Dye has that Tekita (Wu-tang) feeling, and so does the beat, with an early 90’s feeling.
Dye’s voice being put in half tones, where it goes almost false, brings a vulnerability well recognized from hip hop hooks in early and mid 90’s. Absolutely a great track.

Back And Forth
Another well produced track, with nice set of break drum loop, combined with a Piano, and male vocals singing (resembling “Just A Friend – Biz Markie”) Illuminating troubled relationships, and the way they often end up.  An easy listening track.

The Name feat. Plenty Hendrix
The Name is in many ways a straight rapping track, but also a tribute to legends, name dropping such as rolling stones (“I Jump in the whip so I’m rolling stone(d)s” )
Every Rose got a Gun, you can call it the door(s), shit welcome to the jungle where they hunt you for sports, so you’re entering the sandman a seven nation army, You see the ring of fire, for cash like you’re Johnny
Showing of that lyrical talent, and staying on another level!

This is a well produced, rocking track!
Most definitely, top 5 on this album.

Leaving Yet
Being the title track, and the cuts on the track it represents a well chosen outro.
Where Chris talks about his dreams, and his experiences.
This is a hip hop artist, that’s here to stay, with his many projects, a fresh breath of air!

All in all:
Highlights of the album.
The Name Feat Plenty Hendrix, Deadly Sin, Moment for self feat XP, 50/50 & Dreamin’
Go get this, and support this artist, buy his tracks at. and check his videos out. Also check the “Non-Flaco” project with EQ.
Thank god, that this artist is NOT leaving yet!

Destruct was asked some questions, and had them answered for all you readers and listeners interest: 

Name : Christian Daniel Ramalho Ojeda (Destruct)
Crew :
Non Flaco, Inner City Soul, Co.exist, The O.D.'s, Quiet On The Set, Steady Aim, B.A.D. Company

Motivation :  Life...shit that happens on everday basis.
Time rapping :  Been rappin since i was 6 ('94) been on the scene since was 17 (Late '07)
Favorite joint of your own :  "Raise The Bar"  
Top 3 rappers :  Mos Def, Biggie, Guru
Top 5 inspiration. :  Mos Def, Biggie, Guru, Sean Price, Moka Only
Swisha sweets or phillies?  : Swisha Sweet...grape of course...
Favorite producer :  J Dilla, Dj.Premier, 9th Wonder
Your Dream collaboration :  Mos Def & Sean Price on a Primo Beat, Sade on the hook.
 Best show :  Openin up for Slum Village at Crash Mansion in DTLA
 Best tour: Havent been on Tour Officialy...YET!! (Book Destruct to your hometown now!!)
 Best memory music related : 
Rockin wit my band at the House Of Blues on sunset for the first time and having break Dancers flip off stage..shit was ill!..we went all out!

Shoutout to fans

Much luv to all my peeps fuckin wit ya boy...peep this album in case u havent...its just lettin u kno that i aint leaving yet..much much more in the works..let keep it movin....word up!!!...

Al'tarba vs Lord Lhus - "Welcome to Hell"

From the upcoming album Acid & Vicious
Dropping February 2013 on Crazy MotherFuckers Records
Video by Dark Energy Pictures

Empty Handed Warriors - Worldwide (Ft. Benihana Kenobi, Black Pope & De Kraker) (Video)

Empty Handed Warriors - Benihana Kenobi (USA) ft. Black Pope (UK) & De Kraker (NL), Cuts by RiseOne (UK) Beat by Chapter 7 ft. Jus Beats (CAN), Produced by Psl (NL)


Catalyst - Fuck The Radio (2008)


ILLtemper - Multifarious (2012)

NoEmotion Goldmask - GOLDEN ORGY ( The Collaboration Album) (2012)

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Compton Classic 94.9FM - Underground Hiphop Radio Show

 Présenté par Junior Makhno (aka Alcazar) et Vanessa

Au programme cette semaine: New Rasco, New Gab Gotcha, New Shaz Illyork, New Matlock & Mr Green...
Tous les dimanches de 17h à 19h sur Graf'hit 94.9FM (Région de Comp-ton 60) OU sur

J Reno - Talk with Me (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Reel Wolf Presents
J Reno in "Talk With Me"
A short horror film taking you into the mind of a lunatic. Viewer discretion is advised.
Directed by: Tom Vujcic
Produced/Cinematography by: J.F. Martin

Grone Da Radikal - Sound Of The Wolves 2 Hip-Hop Rebirth (2011)

Sites :

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Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew: Chapter 2"

Part 2 ! 

I know its not music related but its so good ahaha ! Sorry...

Check the 1st par if you havent yet :

ONYX "CUZO" - BELLY OF THE BEAST(Produced by The Audible Doctor; Directed by Kevin"KJ"Johnson) (Video)

ONYX is back performing their first single off of the new album "CUZO" entitled, "BELLY OF THE BEAST"
Directed by: @KevinKJJohnson

August Marx - The Prince (reverse) (2012)

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The White Shadow Of Norway - 666 (2012) (Full album official upload)

 The White Shadow - 666 (Full Album official upload) (2012)
You can stream all the tracks on this vid...
Buy The White Shadow's 666 album on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, Rapsody, Beatport, Junodownload, etc...


Sites :

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Recess of the Minds (ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit) [American Psycho Homage] (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

5th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE!. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Fubar, Alpha Sigma & Prawphit. Video edited by DJ Rhum'1. Video footage used from the movie "American Psycho".


witness the bad guy, demons grin when I pass by
I'm the wind battering ships 'til they capsize
swim to the back side, while I spit for the last time
battling a djinn under black skies
as a kid I was baptized
in hopes to eliminate all the sins from my past life
I'ma spit 'til you flat-line
I'm like Moses, bodies of water split when I grab mics
you are no longer facing a human
genes were modified, they made an improvement
the man I once was, replaced with a mutant
that conducts the same energy Raiden induces
staying secluded in a state of confusion
battle inner demons and Satan's included
why try when escaping is useless?
now everything I do is related to music..

Alpha Sigma:

have your corpse exhumed each year, cut and hack up your cadaver
men of gory souvenirs, such filth-tacular macabre
I'm a Catholic with a vision of a savage inner mission
to bring wrath in exhibitions like the Spanish Inquisition
burn in the fire, admire the sight so high on Moriah
murder the child, comply or all people die's my desire
the bolt of lightning igniter, the horrid violence provider
the coldest nights are inside of the morgue, so I just divide up
small pieces of evening's, for seeking the reasoning
I feast on emcees when they needs hella seasoning
chugging our brews, spit and taunt other suckers like they're broads
fuck it we do what we want, we the motherfucking gods
I could listen to those trashy pitiful bastards rap
fuck that though, I'd rather just shit in my hands then clap
having been their first applause, they might smile if I did
saddening, then murder calls, flex and wipe them off the grid..


it's the verbal assassin, curb serving your masked men
got some herbal and hash like the bird in the ashes
you're gonna wish you took note of the tier from here
when I slit your throat from ear to ear
giving you the dope without the mirror to clear
shit it's a mad globe so shed those tears for fears
so let's be honest, I'm like Jeffrey Dahmer getting nauseous at a Benihana's
a sick starving artist, and bitch I've hardly started
I'm quick to carve a bar when I'm blitzed by harder hardships
equipped with thoughtful smarts and a clip for target markets
it's Mr. fucking Berkawitz merking a verse for kicks
on some special ops shit and burning that murderous
a little more sane thanks to the bass and the treble
with a brain people say is infected by devils
I'm so cocky when I write that dikes are bitching it's bad for business
but I'm so godly on the mic that my existence is sacrilegious

NoEmotion - Fun Guy Fungi - (Feat.. Apakalypse) - Official Video !!!

From "Subterranean Underground Overlordz"

Intention - A Recurring Lapse (2012)

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Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis (2012)


Creative Juices Music Presents
Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis (The Mixtape)
Release Date: 11-20-2012

17 tracks produced by Junior Makhno


Thirstin Howl III, Vinnie Paz, Spit Gemz, Shaz Illyork, JMega, Lord Lhus, Nems, IDE & Alucard, Jise One, Chief Kamachi, Kwote1, Homeboy Sandman, Beeyoudee, Ching Rock, Genocide, Heddshotts, Vendetta Kingz, CF, Fatha Death, Kouzï, Critical, Beeyoudee, DJ TMB, DJ Trickalome, DJ Fresh Cut, Shallow Pockets, Mygrane


Horrortech Alliance - Darknessskills (Single)

Beat: Northcreep


Fubar, Nicky Ferrarri, BulletProoff, Sacred Age, AlfaTsali, Sheep Lord, Fade2Dead, Fat One, Beattek, Dark Energy, Killa Ant, Drastyck Meaxurez, Drama Luciano, Verball Assassinator, Phantom, Donallbain & Gry Восточный


ILL BILL - WHEN I DIE (Produced by ILL BILL) - Directed by: J.F. Martin/Tom Vujcic for Reel Wolf Productions - Cinematography by: Dave Stuart - Executive Producer: Amir Radi - ILL BILL's latest solo LP, "THE GRIMY AWARDS" CD/DVD, hits stores January 29th, 2013, featuring HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz the Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P. + production by DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Beatnuts, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS & ILL BILL himself. And here are the lyrics:

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Degrees Of Separation (2012)

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Fubar "Recess of the Minds" ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit [Prod. DJ Rhum'1] (American Psycho Homage) (Official video)

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 "Recess of the Minds" ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit [Prod. by DJ Rhum'1]
from "Shark Infested Waters"

Shark Brothers Label :

DJ Rhum'1 :

Fubar :

Murder International (Single)

Brain Kave Music Group LLC & Alterprod Present: "Murder International".  


Beat: Alterbeats 
Cuts: DJ Modesty

Aims "Die'n Satisfied" feat. Banish Prod by: Stu Bangas (Official Video)

Aims "Die'n Satisfied" feat. Banish
Prod by: Stu Bangas (Official Video)
Taken from Aims' upcoming debut album "Damnation" featuring guest appearances by: Copywrite, Planetary, Doap Nixon, N.B.S., Banish, Snowgoons, King Jahzzy, Stu Bangas, Vanderslice + official "What That West Like" remix feat. Ras Kass, Planet Asia and Krondon.
Click the link and support quality music

facebook • twitter • instagram

facebook • twitter • instagram

A Dot - Beans And Rice Vol 2 (2011)

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Sickmind193 - The sounds of the sickest (2012)

Site :

Compton Classic 94.9FM - Underground Hiphop Radio Show

 Présenté par Junior Makhno (aka Alcazar) et Vanessa

Au programme cette semaine: New Saigon, New Action Bronson, New JMega & Makhno...

Tous les dimanches de 17h à 19h sur Graf'hit 94.9FM (Région de Comp-ton 60) OU sur

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Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Sleeping Giants (ft. Klive Kraven & Si-Klon) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (4th Single)

4th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Klive Kraven representing Goldminded Records and Si-Klon. Cutz by DJ Twisted

Klive Kraven:

rigidly, vividly, kill an emcee instantly
isn't he the epitome
a shit emcee, couldn't spit it clean with a mouth full of Listerine
I spit shit so dirty, you need Mr. Clean
won't stop 'til I hear you bitches scream
wake up it's just a wicked dream
sicker than Sheen, I got a viscious team
the Goldminded goons leave you dying in your tomb
fuck your wife's slimy womb
in the UK they say I'm a ________ dude
rocking with a grimey crew, mysterious like Chinese food
keep talking shit and I'll see you in I.C.U.
with an ivy dude, peep the level I kill
walking alone up the devil's hill..


I get depressed, trying to deal with the issues
one love to homies who can feel what I've been through
armed to the teeth, got a shield and a ginsu
lacerate your flesh and peel back the tissue
it's obvious you knew I was nuts
moment the volcano wakes up the booth will erupt
you ain't got a clue where I'm from
I do what I must, and I swear it on the moon up above
couldn't match my ability to rap
I break laws, travel to the end of infinity and back
decapitate heads using typically and ax
set foot in my cypher, get visciously attacked
your similies are wack, the epitome of trash
you'll be lucky if you leave with your dignity intact
officially I'm back with a symphony of tracks
turn them up until your ear drums instantly collapse


I emerge from the deepest level hidden behind the center
of several experimental portals deep inside a vessel
a vessel that lets me move from the underworld’s matrix
all the way to the Pleiadians ageless oasis
my D.N.A. can alter the memory of my bloodline
with sublime physical features moving in the human spine
every nerve connects and bends, it’s like a puzzle in my head
feel alive, relax your muscles, let your inner thoughts spread
dive into the double helix, as I move inside the fetus
breaking every part to pieces, burning the body like a phoenix
finding myself on journey, feeding flowers that are learning
to consume all the minerals and the sunlight above me
are you thirsty? then follow me to the continuum
where I am more than just a part of one hundred billion suns
that survive using the blood that is spilling from the fountain
the blood.. that is spilling from the fountain..

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Violins of Blood (ft. Hutch Devill & Lord Lhus) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (3rd Single)

3rd single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Hutch Devill and Lord Lhus. Cutz by DJ Twisted


I'm at the top of the food chain
hoping I'm not gonna mutate
into something unable to stop and subdue pain
wrote a story with a plot that includes fame
instead I'm walking non-stop in a fugue state
chose to smoke less, broke but won't beg
I continue traveling a road that won't end
father was nuts, had a dome with no sense
when I was only 12 years old he chose death
in a room sitting all alone I hold pens
and write about the fact that my soul is grotesque
why is it every person is after
the unattainable like the reversal of cancer?
dillusional, thinking there's a god in the heavens
afraid of the reality I'm not gonna mention
if I choose to, I can use a rock as a weapon
but I choose words now that I got your attention..

Hutch Devill:

I devour the powerless, demolish them with powerful fists
holding an hourglass, towering over you like where the father sits
I'm looking down upon the sick just like a pharmacist
you look upon your image and grin because your a narcissist
I look upon my own image and find it hard to sit
I only see sins, and how I've been due to my heartlessness
I only wish that I could store it away
hide from the hideousness just like the "Portrait of Dorian Grey"
but it's a glorious day and I shouldn't be a cynic
I know there's only one life and only one chance to live it
and if I spend today surrounded by sorrow and pain
then all of my tomorrows will slowly become my yesterdays
in any case, even knowing this, I would rather throw a fist
than blow a kiss at bitches when they show they lips
I'm not the shoulder you can lean upon
I'm not the open arms, and I'm not your strength when all your hope is gone
my name is Adam from Eden cast out of paradise
for rolling a pair of dice.. despair and I, we pair alike

Lord Lhus:

I'm coming at you to smash you and lash at your throat
I'll have you shackled and baffled, from the scene you awoke
with DJ Rhum'1, Fubar, running with the Shark Brothers
dark covers the night sky, thunder clouds cover
look up, stare at the rain as it drops
I got you shook up, now feel the pain never stops
hit a lightning crash, I like the blood, let me borrow more
my flow is raw, ignite the gas to the horrorcore
just keep it underground, listen to the murder sounds
scream for a life over death and agony as I burn them down
now the smell of flesh done got you heated
but you stand finished, burning alive and also defeated
face it, I got bodies stacked up in the basement
never lost a battle, written or freestyle, now embrace it
I hate this, how all of you rappers is wack
so let me finish them off and drop this murder on track..

Kachin - Shadows (2012)



DJ Joon - Tragedy (Remixes, Collabs & Instrumentals)


Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers (2012)


Caprot - The Intermission EP (2012)

01. On Fire
02. Between Primes
03. The Truth (MikeLWJ Diss) (ft. Apostolus)
04. Face This
05. The Price of Freedom

*all tracks produced by LunaticK