mercredi 27 février 2013

Phobia - Vietnam (2013)

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Cheyenne - Al'Monakh Pt. 2 (2013)

Soul Khan - Rusted Ghosts (VIDEO) (2013)

June Marx - Gargoyles (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Beat: June Marx
Album: Seven Trumpets Sound
Directed: Writeous Optics
From the album "Seven Trumpets Sound"
TorchBearer Records (2013)

CD's available at:


Dr. Creep - The System (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

"The System

Featuring: Young Solow
Cutz: DJ TMB
Beat: tunnA Beatz
Directed: 3X!L3
Edited: Dr. Creep

Track from the new Dr. Creep album "I Am the Storm" set for release in 2013.. Album will be available as a digital mp3 download or physical CD.


One Man Army, Fubar, Lone Ninja, Sinister Stricken, Young Solow, Danegurous, Joey Baggs, 3rd Eye the Anomoly, JKrazy, Chemist, Mighty Kalipssus, DJ TMB, DJ Madhandz & DJ Vinoss.


Amos the Ancient Prophet, Junior Makhno, Blaq Masq, Analogue Wunda, Nakmuay, SpikeKillah, Apoka Undaground, Dr. Creep, 3X!L3, Adi Beatz, Kozak & tunnA Beatz.

mardi 26 février 2013

Sikadelik - Sinistre (2013)

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My Microphone (Stanley Kubrick) - Childish (Video)

Free Download:


Sonny Side Films:

Directed by William Sonbuchner:

Production Assistants:
Peter Burns
Raoul Dyssell



Now on MIXCLOUD !!!


1. Blacastan feat Colombeyond - Crate Diggaz
2. Gran Fortune feat Punchline - U need to
3. Defari - Def B4 Dishonor
4. Blacastan feat. Reef The Lost Cauze - Just dont know
5. Lewis Parker - Six Feet Deep in Dirt & Dust
6. Mayhem & Jerz feat Revalation, Joey B & Quite Nyce (radix) - Fooled Ya (prod by Jerz)
7. Kid Tsunami feat. Sean Price - Bang Exclusive
8. Blacastan - BMX Kids
9. King RA feat Kenny Bronson, Rhymageddon - Fist Fights (cuts by Chinch 33)
10. Asylum Lifetime, Blak Flag, Sherm Larock - Real Talk
11. K-Hill - Power of the Tongue II
12. Blacastan - Anything less
13. Red Eye feat Marvalyss & Midaz - Sample Sized Genocide (Prod by MoSS)
14. Mysonne - Certified
15. DJ JS-1 feat. Blacastan, Kool G Rap & Kaleber - Hold Ya Breath
16. Blame One - Fine Wine
17. D Strong feat Blacastan - Homicide Bomb
18. The Last American B-Boy - KRS one
19. Jared Evan feat Lil Fame (MOP) - Uma Thurman (Prod by Statik Selektah)
20. Blacastan Feat Emilio Lopez, Outerspace & Colombeyond - Sand Storms
21. Sonny Paradise - Morning Sunrise (prod by Apollo Brown)
22. Chi City feat. The Kid Daytona - Story to tell
23. N.B.S. Feat Blacastan - As I Sit Back (prod by Stu Bangas)
24. Sabotawj - Ill Breed (prod by Philthy Pro)
25. Spectac & Shakim - For the people
26. The Audible Doctor  - Genuine feat. Blacastan & Wise Intelligent (prod. by Audible Doctor)
27. Street Disciple - One Life To Live (Prod by MWP)
28. Deadlinz feat Sadat X, Lord Have Mercy & Fred The Godson - Look At The Door (Prod by Sonik Fiktion)
29. Asylum Lifetime, Blacastan & Blak Flag - Urban Polotics
30. Sincere feat Reks - Back To The Basics
31. Blacastan feat Colombeyond - Life Is Not A Game
32. RH Bless feat Duss Smittoo - Hug Your Children Kiss Your Kids (prod by DG)
33. Roc Marciano - Bruh Man
34. Tragedy Khadafi, Miilkbone, Godilla, Red Eye & Blacastan - The Truth (Prod by DJ Tray)
35. Blacastan - Blac Magic (Audible Doctor Remix)
36. BAM, M Dot ,Jaysaun, Nutso, Block McCloud, Blacastan, Chaundon, Tribeca & S Dub - Visionaries (prod by Dj Low Cut)

You can Download The Show + Cover & Tracklist here !!!

lundi 25 février 2013

Al'Tarba Vs Lord Lhus "Acid & Vicious" (2013)

1) No Hate
2) Keep On
3) Cursed & Wicker People skit
4) 3 Amigos feat. Dirty Dike&Jace Abstract
5) Last Night feat. Féfile Good
6) Colonize the colonisers feat. Babylon Warchild
7) Story’s
8) Get Hight
9) Easy Take Easy feat. Gavlyn
10) Not a Emcee feat. Jmega
11) The Sadist feat. Droogz Brigade
12) Drugs Addict feat. Benihana Kenobi
13) Suicide Note & Hell Gates skit
14) Welcome to hell
15) Bragging Rights feat. Milez Grimez, Words & Dirty Dickens
16) Journey Into the Mind
bonus track
17) Having orgy’s feat. PSL Persoonlijk



Sites :

Eternal & Darren G are : War Machines

Madchild - "Prefontaine" - Official Music Video


Directed by Big Shot Music Inc.

New Swollen Members 'Beautiful Death Machine' out March 19, 2013.

New Madchild Lawnmower Man EP coming soon.

Get your copy of DOPE SICK...
Purchase on US iTunes:
Purchase on CANADA iTunes:

Purchase on

Jakob22 - The Fang 22:21 (Dreamstate 3) (2013)

Sites :

Compton Classic 94.9FM - Underground Hiphop Radio Show

 Présenté par Junior Makhno (aka Alcazar)

Au programme cette semaine: New Ill Bill, New Meyhem Lauren, New Alchemist, New INF, New Defari...

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Tous les dimanches de 17h à 19h sur Graf'hit 94.9FM (Région de Comp-ton 60) OU sur

samedi 23 février 2013

Al'Tarba Vs Lord Lhus - No hate (Cuts Dj Nix'on) (Video)

Cuts by Dj Nix'on (Sick Digger Recordz)
Lhus on the mic
Al'Tarba on the beat
Pre order the album "acid & vicious" on :
Facebook Al'Tarba :
Facebook Lord Lhus :
Facebook Dj Nix'on :
facebook Crazy Mother Fuckers records :
Réalisé par Yoann Vellaud - A.C Desha
Produit par FilmExper :

Ayse - ARMAGEDDON EP (2012)

jeudi 21 février 2013

Brother Hood 603 & Colonna - C4 (feat. Sincere Amakulate)

This is the first Official Video off the New Brother Hood 603 & Colonna album "Countdown Til Napalm" titled "C4" and is produced by Colonna.
This video is filmed by Mrs.Amakulate and was directed and edited by Arewhy Ripper of Brother Hood 603. 
Get the album here:

Sleep - Lockland 95 (2013)

Big O "Pavement Prelude" Produced by Big O (Video)

Video by Big O entitled "Pavement Prelude" Beat produced by Big O and Video Shot and edited by Joey Junk from SDF Productions. Cameo appearance by Ronnie Macc from STBL9.

Follow Big o On Twitter @BigO_216

For Collab Purposes hit up the inboxes on any of the sites above or email with inquiries at!

"Gravel Engravement" LP Entirely Produced by 4th Assassin

mercredi 20 février 2013

Dr Creep "The System" ft. Young Solow & DJ TMB {{Official Music Video}}

"THE SYSTEM" Official Music Video 2013
Featuring Young Solow
Cutz by DJ TMB
Produced by tunnA Beatz
Directed by 3X!L3
Edited by Dr Creep

Track from the new Dr Creep album "I AM THE STORM" droppin 2013.. Album will be available as a Digital mp3 DL or Physical CD (purchase and dl links coming soon).
Featuring One Man Army, Lone Ninja, Sinister Stricken, Young Solow, Danegurous,
Joey Baggs, Dj TMB, Dj Madhandz, 3rd Eye the Anomoly, JKrazy, Chemist, Fubar,
Mighty Kalipssus & Dj Vinoss.
Production from: Amos the Ancient Prophet, Mir the Bloody, Junior Makhno, Blaq Masq, Analogue Wunda, Nakmuay, SpikeKillah, Apoka Undaground, Dr Creep, 3X!L3, Adi Beatz, Kozak & tunnA Beatz



Dr Creep FB

tunnA Beatz




The Jotaka & Kwervo - The Path of Darkness (2013)

The Jotaka & Verb - New World Life (ft. Telep) [Beat by Pumpkinfoot] (Single) (2013)

 Leak from upcoming album "Ufff Vol. 2" from The Jotaka & Verb representing Demonios Sekt all muafuggin' dia ..

Jasiri X - Rappers on X (2013)

Danegurous - Lloyd Christmas (Mir the Bloody Diss) (2013)

Killah Priest - The Psychic World of Walter Reed (FULL ALBUM SAMPLER) (2013)

The Sargonites - Black Flag [Beat by Kwervo] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

This is the official 1st single and video off the new album "Black Flag (The Sargon Chronicles)". The song reflects the voice of truth trying to be restrained from the people who have the capabilities to spread valuable information. The video becomes a metaphoric perspective equivalent to Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad mission, but in attempt to free the people, The Sargonites are out to free minds.

Beat: Kwervo
Guitars: Patrick Dunn

June Marx - Revolver Redemption (Leak) (2013)

Swollen Members - Mercenary (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2013)

Wizard - On the Bench Mixtape (2013)

lundi 18 février 2013

Kid Tsunami Feat. Sean Price - Bang Exclusive (Video)

Headbop Music presents The first single off the Highly anticipated compilation album THE CHASE. Producer Kid Tsunami enlists Hip Hop vet Sean Price and Chuck Chilla on Guitar. The video was shot in downtown Brooklyn by Mark Carranceja [Director, Cinematographer, & Editor] | Malik Honor [Assistant Director & 2nd Camera Operator] | Kasaun Smalls [Production Manager] For more info on this and other projects log on to

Cleno Jovanni - In A Nutshell (2013)

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dimanche 17 février 2013

Compton Classic 94.9FM - Underground Hiphop Radio Show

 Présenté par Junior Makhno (aka Alcazar) et Vanessa

Invités cette semaine: Al'tarba, DJ Low Cut, I.N.C.H & Tony Sickdigger

Au programme cette semaine: New Ill Bill, New Czarface, New Ghostface Killah, New Swollen Members...

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samedi 16 février 2013

Kryptik - The Anthem (Single) (2013)

Beat: IllusivShadow
Cuts: DJ Twisted
Artwork: Kebo

Soul Khan - Iron Galaxy Freeverse (2013)

DJ Intrigue - Students of Shaolin 3 (2013)

Wu-Tang Management & Protect Ya Neck Records has released the long awaited volume 3 to the "Students of Shaolin" series. Hosted by DJ Intriuge who is a member of the Wu-Worldwide DJ Coalition. This mixtape is loaded with 28 tracks of pure heat. Featuring artists affiliated with the Wu-Tang brand as well as some new members & affiliates of PYN Records as well as original members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan including Method Man & Cappadonna.

Knkuc - Dangerous Path (Digital Single) (2013)

Knkuc presents the new digital single "Dangerous Path"

Le Narrapeur, Ascian, Ruru, Shox, Katahanas (of Da Capo), The Jotaka, Verb & Antraz.

Beat: Empne
Cuts: Quamis
Mastering: Seek (of Psyrobots)
Artwork: Alexdraw
Pyramides Recordings (2013)

01. Dangerous Path
02. Dangerous Path (Instrumental)
03. Dangerous Path (Remix)
04. Dangerous Path (Remix) (Instrumental)

Abstract & Knowledge Medina - The Radio EP

C​.​Rae & The Clifftop Vandalz - Bloody Pages (2013)

Kwote1 - Street Survival (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

JLTV Presents Kwote1 Week 7 Of JLTV"S Hot 16's Video Series!! Shot and Edited by K-mind of Joint Logistics

2Ugli - Break Yo' Self (ft. 2Mex & LoDeck) (VIDEO)

Dark Energy & Badprod Rikordz - Space Journey (2012)

Epidemic - Lock It Down [Beat by Crown of Grim Reaperz) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sikadelik - The Bad Guys (ft. Rip TheRippa & Pete Bull) (VIDEO)

Click on the photo below to download the entire album!

Coast & Tones "walk with me" Produced by Hellzwind OFFICIAL VIDEO

"Walk with Me" Produced by Hellzwind

Video by COAST.

NoEmotion X Dashius Clay: Blue Ballz (2013)

jeudi 14 février 2013

Cyrus Malachi - Contraband Prod. by 7th Dan (Free DL)

The release date for Cyrus Malachi's eagerly awaited follow-up to Ancient Future is here. April 20th is the date,if you pre-order the CD you get an exclusive copy of the Isis Papers 3 mixtape.
You can Pre-Order here
You can also download the single "Contraband" produced by 7th Dan on the player below.

Prone - Why Would I Change (Video)

Artist: Prone
Album: Dodging Traffic
Produced By: DreamTek
Label: Seven Oddities Records

Spirit of the Liberation - Prod. by Kozak (Single)

L ANIMAL BLESSE Seblechien - Perfect K - Onse - Sikadelik prod Kwervo (Single)

Fortified PhonetX - The Plastic Eaters (2012)