mercredi 27 février 2013

Dr. Creep - The System (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2013)

"The System

Featuring: Young Solow
Cutz: DJ TMB
Beat: tunnA Beatz
Directed: 3X!L3
Edited: Dr. Creep

Track from the new Dr. Creep album "I Am the Storm" set for release in 2013.. Album will be available as a digital mp3 download or physical CD.


One Man Army, Fubar, Lone Ninja, Sinister Stricken, Young Solow, Danegurous, Joey Baggs, 3rd Eye the Anomoly, JKrazy, Chemist, Mighty Kalipssus, DJ TMB, DJ Madhandz & DJ Vinoss.


Amos the Ancient Prophet, Junior Makhno, Blaq Masq, Analogue Wunda, Nakmuay, SpikeKillah, Apoka Undaground, Dr. Creep, 3X!L3, Adi Beatz, Kozak & tunnA Beatz.

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