samedi 29 janvier 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.1

1.DJ Low Cut - Intro
2.Dirty Hank - The Yap (Prod by Mad Plaid, Cuts by DJ Emoh Betta)
3.Blood of Abraham - Southern comfort
4.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (The Psix Remix)
5.Blood of Abraham -That Ol'Dupree shit
6.DJ Low Cut - Saigon & Statik Selektah - Prepare For War
7.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Iceman Beats Remix)
8.Amos the Ancient Prophet - Graveyard Of Empires feat. Vega X & Planetary (Cutz by DJ Extremidiz)
9.Blood of Abraham - Devils get no dap
10.DJ Low Cut - Krs-One & Buckshot feat. Bounty Killer- Murder 1
11.Blood of Abraham - Another Nail in the coofin
12.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Melph Remix)
13.Akil Ammar - International life (feat. Note Rock Transcend and Boca Floja)
14.DJ Low Cut -The Hitfarmers feat. Randam Luck - War Zone
15.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Catchyerflows Remix)
16.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Powder Remix)
17.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Dragqueenmix Remix)
18.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Beats from Hell Remix)
19.DJ Grumble - Grumbs live
20.Amos the Ancient Prophet -Scientific Mystic feat. Riishii G7 (Cutz by DJ JEZI)
21.DJ Low Cut -Bloodline feat. Planet X - Sign Of The X


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