mercredi 31 août 2011

Lord Lhus - We Love You Lord Lhus (Mixtape)

1.We Love You Lord Lhus
2.Vendetta Sword Ft. Vendetta Kingz (produced by Junior Makhno)
3.Smake – that Ass Ft Powder (produced by Hit Farmers)
4.Milita Mic Masters Ft Apacalypze & Dr. ill
5.Bang You Ft Apacalpyze & Mighty Thor (produced by vherbal)
6.Quit Sleeping Ft Psych Ward (produced by Sicknature)
7.Fate Ft Eternel & Unkn_wn (produced by Benzie)
8.Stone Cutters Ft Ide & Alucard (produced by Benzie)
9.Freestyle 1
10.Freestyle 2
11.Whats the Time (produced by Stjin)
12.When the Lights Go Out Ft Young U (produced by Komander of Kruscifix)

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