samedi 26 novembre 2011

Hatchet Men - I Whom The Gods Destroy (2011)

1.HM Intro
2.Assassins Creed
3.One In The Pipe Feat. DBE
5.Paper Cuts
6.Dawn Of The Dead Feat. Benny NoBull
7.Daylight Feat. 2nd Born Son
8.Target Practice (Interlude)
9.Gunshot Serenade Feat. DBE
10.Hold It Down
11.Danger Room
12.Nothing Lasts Forever Feat. SL
13.Fayettenam To Silent Hill Feat. 2nd Born Son
14.Shape Shifters
15.Societys Front Feat. Angry Monk
16.The Path
17.Suicide Watch 2 Feat. DBE
19.It May Sound Crazy
21.Almost Midnite
22.Bonus Track - The Path (Remix)

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