mercredi 29 février 2012

The Seed - BREAKINGROUND (Mixed by DJ Demon and Adikt 1) (2010)

01.DJ Demon Intro
02.God Like [Jake One*White Van Music Contest]
03.The Truth [Jake One*White Van Music Contest]
04.Machine [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
05.Orange Juice Theory [Prod. by* Marvel P]
06.Ridin' w*Slo-Mo ** Cuts by* Kutfather [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
07.Pros, Ants & Innocent Bys [Prod. by* Seoul Avenger]
08.Duck Down! [Duck Down*NBA2K Contest]
09.Even the Game w*Slo-Mo & Mario Dones [Prod. by* Silent J]
10.Adikt 1 Interlude
11.Wonder Years [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
12.California w*Ant Chedda [Wake Up Show*100K Battle Contest]
13.Rockin' the Mic [Prod. by* Nameles]
14.The Heist [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
15.Rebel Forces w*Revolution of the Mind [Prod. by* Rathkhy]
16.Wave Ya Hands [Prod. by* DJ Ace]
17.Way of the Game [Prod. by* Frank Dukes]
18.Summer Time w*Tassho Pearce [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
19.The City [Prod. by* Adikt 1]
20.Never Lost Control w*Blame One [Prod. by* Demyo]
21.Southside Dreamin' [Prod. by* DJ Flow]

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