samedi 28 avril 2012

Method Man Live @ La SIrène (La Rochelle) 27-04-2012

Well... Method Man in La Rochelle is like... you know... Clint Eastwood in "Julie Lescaut" (french TV drama with low budget and pathetic scripts...)... UNHOPED-FOR (well done La Sirène) !!!
So we could be dissapointed by the duration of the show but we must admit that Meth was great... i mean this guy is 20 years old ! Drinking, smoking, jumping, dancing, singing like in the old days (yeah i saw that "bring the pain" Method Man last night), flowing into the crowd several times (did you ever see a 41 yo guy somersaulting in the crowd ?!!!)...
He had so much energy to give and he gave it to us...
Also good performance from Street Life (maybe a bit high ahaha) but discreet one from DJ Mathematics.


 (sorry for the bad quality pics...)


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