mercredi 1 mai 2013

Dirt Platoon - Wage War (prod by Kyo Itachi) [Official Music Video]

Dirt Platoon - Wage War (prod by Kyo Itachi)

from the Upcoming double Album "War Face" of Dirt Platoon
produced by Kyo Itachi, Performed by RAAF(Dirt Platoon)
2013 Shinigamie records & Don't stop the music

Bankai Strategy / Jupiter A.K.A

Filmed & Edited by for

1st video "Animal shit" = (prod Kyo Itachi) directed by Double Rush

2nd video" Dirty Work" feat Ruste Juxx = ( prod Kyo Itachi) Directed by Jules Renault

3rd video " Point of Attack"Dro Pesci , Skanks,Shabaam Sadeeq,Milez Grimez (prod Kyo Itachi) Directed by Double Rush

Kyo Itachi's Bandcamp :
Kyo Itachi on Twitter:
Dirt Platoon Twitter @DPSINCE02

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