jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Black Pope: "Ain't No Grave" - Official Music Video [HD]

Official Music Video - "Ain't No Grave" by Black Pope Produced by Ganjak

Produced by Ganjak
Directed by Klayton Dean

This is the third video from Ganjak presents Black Pope The Sinister Minister, all production and cuts on the album are by Ganjak. The album will be first released in a 100 run limited edition hard copy in the last quarter of 2013 followed by digital and a limited run of vinyls to follow soon after. The album is combination of Ganjak an experienced french beat maker and Black Pope an emcee from the uk brand new to the game (though he brings an old school rhyme style and energy on whichever beat he happens to touch) putting in a lot of thought and effort to put out an album full of well constructed tracks with no nonsense or filler material. Tracks on the album ft Psl, Benihana Kenobi, Cerebros, J-Spine and De Kraker. It is the first of many albums to come from the european dynamic duo so get ready...

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