samedi 14 décembre 2013

Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 Present: Wrath of the Fallen Open Verse Contest


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 are proud to announce the WRATH OF THE FALLEN "OPEN VERSE" CONTEST. The song which will be used is titled "The Outer Limits" and the final version of the track will include cuts from Thatkidnamedcee.


1. To qualify you must get 2 friends to like the our respective fan pages: & .. you will need to have your friends post "sent by ______________".
2. You are required to upload your entry via YouTube or SoundCloud and e-mail the link to or for review.
3. All entries must be submitted by Sunday, December 28th, 12:00pm (CST) to be eligible to win.
4. The contest is supposed to have 1 winner but if there are 2 great entries and we are unable to decide a winner, we may be forced to extend the beat and feature 2 artists on the song.


1. Will be featured on the album "Wrath of the Fallen" (on the song "The Outer Limits").
2. Physical copies of both "Shark Infested Waters" and "Wrath of the Fallen".
3. An artist profile post and seperate "interview" post on both Fubar's Blog and Underground Hardcore Rap.
4. Free beat from DJ Rhum'1 as well as a free verse from Fubar to use as you like.

NOTE: even if you don not win, you will still be able to use the track with your verse on it for whatever project you'd like.

Download the track here :

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