lundi 21 juillet 2014

Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis 2LP (with Instrumentals)

Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis is a producer album that dropped two years ago on Creative Juices Music, as a compilation of collabos and unreleased tracks that Makhno accumulated throughout the last few years.

It features Nems, Vinnie Paz, IDE, Alucard, Thirstinhowl the 3rd, Homeboy Sandman, Heddshotts Music, cRITICAL & MyGrane, Lord Lhus, JMega, Jace Abstract, Vendetta Kingz, Chief Kamachi, Jise1, Genocide, CF, Shaz Illyork, Spit Gemz, Kwote One, Beeyoudee, Kouzï, Shallow Pockets of Psych Ward...

The album is now for FREE DOWNLOAD and includes all instrumentals!

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