lundi 3 novembre 2014

Fubar - "Showing You" (Coast Contest Entry)

Fubar contest entry for Coast's contest. Track is titled "Showing You" and features him on it as well.

Fubar.. I'm an athlete with the bars
run up on you while you're bumping wack beats in the park
bars on top of bars I'm gonna drop until you're dead meat
punches that'll knock you into next week
got a dick that is totally useless
looks like a baby arm that is holding a tooth-pick
looks really weird but is potent as two dicks
it isn't even mine, Satan told me to use his
practice aim a couple minutes in the day
with a gun so big I gotta lift it with a crane
it doesn't take bullets, I fill it with grenades
and it targets body parts, specifically your face
I'll carve a piece of wood in the shape of a gun
show up at work and demand that they pay me enough
I am crazy and fuck, while I'm taking a dump
I'll start masturbating, looks like I'm playing the drums

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