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18 MCs Posse Cut "Rape Whistle" (cuts by DJ Loop Skywlaker / Prod. by DJ Rhum'1) (2015) (Re-up with all lyrics)

"Rape Whistle" (cuts by DJ Loop Skywlaker / Prod. by DJ Rhum'1) (2015)
Mixed by DJ Rhum'1 / Mastered by Highchief

Free download track here :

MCs :

Apss'One * L.E.O * Dirty Joe * Cable * Fubar * Rated R * Julius Sleazer * Subcon5cience * Rukas * Eskr One * DirtyBird Emcee * Ralph the Architek * Shushi * Vivics * Hell Yeeeeah * Onse * Mordecai * JAI Pera


VERSE 1 - APSS'ONE - 00:12

I’m a ninja from the shadows that is ready to die/

My katana is rusty, kamikaze like a samurai/

Revolution screams, through my dreams/ fighting in my genes/

This Mexican blood in me is anarchy won’t let me live in peace/

Esta activa la guerrilla, soy semilla viva/

De zapata y pancho villa, mi clika en la sima/

Apss'one, space captains tu ya lo savias/

Esto es pa mi gente de todas las esquinas/


[The guerrilla is active, I'm a living seed/

Of Zapata and Pancho Villa my crew at the top/

Apss'one,space captains you already knew it/

This is from my people from all the corners (from everywhere)]


Pull out your rape whistle, take issue wit the force of eight missile/

Hate sizzles right on to your fake pistol/

Great riddles written for your Ritalin deficiencies/

Ancient mysteries part of my Egyptian history/

Wizardry of Merlin spell cast a whirlwind/

Tell pastor sterling that my hell has em purring/

Mary Magdalene now wetter than a reservoir/

While you manly mannequins pray for a better god/

VERSE 3 - DIRTY JOE - 01:04

Fuck ya nervousness these murderers are superfluous/

My words emerge turn Worthless worms to dust/

My verses rupture every vital organ Causing blood pouring/

from Ya pores and I’m yawning At ya final warning/

Posturing swiftly made Posthumous with swifter blades/

It’s insane how I rape, Loot, pillage the game/

Play from beyond the grave Way below the pearly gates/

Explosive on the mic Like gas mains and hand grenades/

VERSE 4 - CABLE - 01:24

Fuck the baton, pass the stick of dynamite, make sure the wicks lit/

Spittin that sick slick shit with a group of vicious misfits/

That packs a kick, Like a backfiring biscuit/

On this track fire, most cats liars claiming they can rip with/

These super human robotic, Neurotic movements they rockin/

Chaotic tunes with a product that fuels the game and toxic/

Hiroshima nukes, most rappers launching fake missiles/

And when we through beats gonna wish it had a rape whistle/

VERSE 5 - FUBAR - 00:57

I'm a robot with gears and circuits/

I can kill somebody without being near the person/

I can take the form of a life force/

With a higher density than that of the core of a white dwarf/

Hiding bones in my closet/

Cold to the point that it burns, I'm as cold as the tropics/

Up close and personal I'll ginsu your organs/

Or catapult rocks that'll rip through your fortress/

VERSE 6 - RATED R - 02:20

I spit an earth shattering verse and the fiends come/

It’s brass knuckle R I'm the verbal machine gun/

You’ll catch a drive by lyrically, rivals fearing me/

My life is rhyme or die down to ride til they bury me/

I'll resurrect from my tomb, I've been a problem since my mother's womb/

Apocalyptic prophet call me Doctor Doom/

Every beat that I consume, devoured by a beast/

Make you cower in the streets, every rapper's not a goon/


Ayo keep ya third eye dilated/

I'm never duplicated track body count accumulating.

Family feud doom dated/

Sending goons to the tombs of the mutilated/

Limited edition issue, in the cut like Ginsu/

Everything I say official/

Bill Cosby on the mic

Keep rappers blowin' on that rape whistle/

I finger fuck a dirty thirty eight pistol/


Stuck in illusions of grandeur with useless banter/

The proof's when they chatter always get me angry call me Bruce Banner/

This dude's candor is lewd and he's in a rude manner/

A disaster on the mic, but not a battle rapper/

He dismantles actors in fact to SUBTRACT this cancer/

From the EQUATION and now your NUMBERS up no longer any FACTOR/

And in ADDITION what you spit shouldn’t continue/

When writing in bitch script cause we're seeing the cunt in you/

VERSE 9 - RUKAS - 03:44

Nobody doing it like mine don’t wanna ruck motherfuckers

I prove it is nuthin’ I’m good and I’m nice kid/

Who in their right mind that wanna fuck with the Rukas?

That’s stupid as fuck an’ I wouldn’t advise it/

The children are lacking the skill that I have man

I’m brilliant at rapping I’m killing their captain/

The villain in black and I chill in the back

of the villa to build up a militant action/

Most copied flow the bitten scheme yad like to write this wild/

Oh sorry bro I didn’t mean to try to bite ya style”/

Study practice then fail I’ll strap ya down what is this stuff? Is/

Bloody rappers entrails all wrapped around the fists of Rukas!/

VERSE 10 - ESKR ONE - 04:05

Posse Cut-the science of dying synapses designing/

Nightmares in war clouds no silver/

Lining teeth shatter from the grinding/

2 demons inside me fighting writhing/

Here comes Eskr the shining/

Enter minds when rhyming letters aligning/

Deformed slow motion timing to form flying guillotine/

Jaws a torture machine tear you apart at the seams/


Space Jesus I am the dopest, these other cats are dope/

But they are not Ammon Moses/

8 bars I am the dopest of the small doses/

Runny noses, cocaine flow, just follow where the smoke is/

Halitosis, this is gas mask shit/

Peep the thunder barz vid, I am the illest/

Of the latchkey kids, get ya face kicked in/

Then we pour out pour out Forties drink swill from where ya face should’a been/


Faggots tryna act funny then you fuckin dead/

We cut ya eyes out homey like a Pumpkinhead/

Put his jewels in the bag where I stuffed the bread/

Pull a gun to the son then I cut his legs/

Hollowtips fill ya body up with lead/

Opened up his tummy turn his fuckin guts to shreds/

I mobilize with motorized chainsaws/

Oversized with strange claws, My main course's ya brain sauce/

VERSE 13 - SHUSHI - 05:30

This is hip-hop, it's comin in flic-flac, it's fresh like tic tac/

Dropped on the disk like the needle of a pick-up/

It's straight on point like my politics/

That I’m leading constantly against those/

Who are throwing shit at hard working people/

And when you raise against them they're hiding behind the screens/

Kids nowadays are like "who's on who" until you take’em a little louder/

And after that they are following you as plows are following the tractors/ it hurts


Hi guys coz I'm not talking with the bitches/

I'm here...get ready to feel confusion/

When I'm rapping, everyone is there to listen/

You've got no flow/

You better sing only behind your bathroom door/

The peace it's over/

It's starting the war....little bitch I'll find you even if you're hidden behind the rocks/

You wanna kill the real rap making it commercial. ...I'm gonna get you and knife you in your heart/


This shit that I'm smoking got me higher than a New York jet/
Wearing all green like the dough that I get/
I’m in love with other drugs and I haven’t even finished yet/

Just getting warmed up ain't gave her the business yet/

Couple hours in and I've yet to bust a sweat/

But my finger prints all over her neck/

Give her body a intense workout at best/

Long nights no rest MR DSF/

VERSE 16 - ONSE - 06:45

I see upstarts, MC's who jumped on the bandwagon/

The way which twists is for me, they're acting like if they were patriarchs/

If that returns mad, to sort out there inside do not even interest me/

The one who lives outside the system it will be me until the demise/

Why to find my public in a herd of birdbrains/

Wait to see them approving my work while I jib revealing it/

My craziest dreams are divided up with my worst nightmares/

These barbed wires tearing my skin are my suffering, for you a shape of art/


You can’t defeat me try and stop to brawl/

We lay it thick like graffiti on the project wall/

The opposition falls, premeditated attacks/

Im bout to show you how to rhyme and educate you with facts/

No fuck that hah, ill punch you dead in the face/

With the force of a wrecking ball to send your head into space/

Now your debt is erased we the posse that create the wounds/

Drunk at noon pissed off staring in the face of doom/

VERSE 18 - J.A.I PERA - 07:39

I disobey god overthrow the fucking devil/

Quality of life nah you should never settle/

Take the Prince of darkness give him fucking metal/

We don't fear demons living in the fucking ghetto/

Infiltrate your thoughts rip your brains off/

Let’s head to the white house rip the gates off/

Pick the front door locks rip the chains off/
Cutting through barbed wire with a fucking chain saw/

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