mardi 27 octobre 2015

RATED R - Bipolar 2 (LP 2015)

Album features: DJ Coach One, J.A.I Pera, Julius Sleazer, Eskr One, Ty Da Tyrant, T.R.U.E., Jive Cuttah, Gloom Rap, Wes Studii, AmelKore, DJ Loop Skywalker, A.O., Shushi, Ron Donson & Father Focus Confucius 
 Album features production by: Trilian, Dalmo, L.O.B., Akilleez Beats, Father Focus Confucius, Edd Bundy, MaTriX, Gloom Rap, Vherbal & Conspire 
Credits released October 26, 2015 
 Album recorded & engineered at Time Lab Productions(Utica, NY, USA) by: Dr. Rogineer aka Roger "T.R.U.E." Guzman 
Album entirely mixed & mastered by: Trilian except for track 11. mixed & mastered by: Dr. Rogineer aka Roger "T.R.U.E." Guzman 
Cover art by: Tom Evans Label: One Man Gang Records 

 This album is dedicated to the contributions and memory of our beloved Mysti "MystiGal" Galiardi. 
R.I.P., sweet girl

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