vendredi 1 juillet 2016

Bloodline - Let the Blood Spill (2009) (Re-up) R.I.P. Venom

1.Blood in
2.Open the Gates
3.Deadly Remedy ft Little Vic
4.Hollow Groundz ft Wally Worm aka Qualm
5.Inhale the Danger 2009
6.Tales from the Crypt ft. Mr. Morbid
7.Eternel Madness ft. Dr.ama aka Darkskinned Assassin
8.Infect Ya Heart
9.Warlordz (Venom Solo)
10.4th Chapter ft. Eternel and Apacalypze
11.Stab Woundz ft. Eternel
12.Salems Lot ft. Eternel and Jnyce
13.Riddle of Steel
14.Sign of the X ft. Planet X
15.Bleeding Season ft. Knowledge and Kid Fade
16.Let the Blood Spill
17.Torture Rap
18.Winds of Plague
19.Resurrection ft. Jak Progresso
20.The Last Breed ft. Shallow Pockets
21.Blood Out


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