samedi 22 avril 2017

NVS - IRON WILL ft Merkules Accurate MC Young Stitch Danny Thomas Lord Lhus (Video)

Third Single off of ICURNVS Album: 

IRON WILL ( Buy the album or Single here: )

Directed by Eight Measures & NVS

Production & Beat by NVS ( )

HARDCORE EIGHT played by Eight Measures

Features by:

Merkules (Verse) courtesy of Stealth Bomb Records ) @merkulesmusic
Accurate MC (Verse) courtesy of Die By The Mic
http:// )
Young Stitch (Verse & Hook) courtesy of Hip Chat Music ) @YoungStitchSS
Animation for Young Stitches Verse done by Ron Crown )
Danny Thomas (Verse) courtesy of Keep It Busy ) @TheRealDannyThomas
Lord Lhus (Verse) courtesy of Život Není Krasny Productions ) @lordlhus

Mixed & Mastered by Crossworm ( )

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