lundi 31 décembre 2012

RacecaR (12:51) & Dj Prof&cY - Dust (Video)

Track from "The Trueschoolhiphopmusic Show" released 2013
Lyrics : RacecaR (12:51)
Beat & Video : Dj Prof&cY

RacecaR( now 12:51) is a veteran lyricist, originally from Chicago, who is true to his culture and the roots of Hip-Hop as both a way of life and a means of more-than-honest expression. His early interest, at Hip-Hop's inception, has proven infectious, life-changing, and necessary. Dedicated to the respective arts of rhyme advancement and the development of the live show, 12:51, will stop at nothing to deliver these to the world!

12:51 has toured nationally (in the U.S.) with Hip-Hop luminaries, notably Slim Kid Tre ( of The Pharcyde), Speech(Arrested Development), Illogic(Weightless), PsalmOne(Rhymesayers), and numerous others. He has also managed to grab the attention of Europe. On stage, he holds his own and stands out, leaving the crowd buzzing and open. He has now proved this, both state-side and abroad.
Dj Prof&cY is an 35 year old Dj and Beatmaker from France.
"The Trueschoolhiphopmusic Show" will be his first album


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