dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Straight Realism - All City Hustlin (Hosted by LATE) (2012)

1.LATE - Intro
2.LATE Feat. B-Cide - All City Hustlin
3.Big Mike - The Code
4.Gonja - All Black
5.Lil Tec - We Grind Really Really
6.40oz T.A.T Feat KB & Icey Hott - Still Military Minded
7.Wreckin Yard - See How A Playa Do
8.LATE Feat Jabba Tha Kut - Enter The Sector
9.Gonja Feat. G-Stak - Get Duct Taped
10.K-J and Kontak - Gettin Chips
11.Calico - Hook This Cold
12.Murder One Feat. Father Time - Coke N Yac
13.Big Gerb, Rasheed, A-1, Chozin  - Never Felt This Way About Hustlin
14.EC - 2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed
15.Thugstar - Floss Thru The Hood
16.Sniper - Exposed To Reality
17.Suny Redd - On My Grind
18.Big Gerb & Spiktakula - Hard Times In The City
19.LATE Feat. Syndrome - So Mint
20.LATE - Outro

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