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Destruct & Hi-Fly - The Chronic Blues (2013)

Destruct is about to be a well known name for our readers, now that I've had 2 past "break it down" reviews of his earlier releases, and it's not without reason.
He's one of the dopest underground mc's in L.A right now.

This is The Chronic Blues:

Getting you intuned the jazzy relaxed way, with the sound of inhalation, (1994 feeling)
When the sax switches up the track reaches a high to then peak when the vocal sample comes in,
Destruct sounds very comfy with the sound, with a story telling multi syllable set up.
His story is worth hearing, with lines such as: 
“I’ve been doin’ this for a minute, with rythms, im so inventive.
The future is all im given, The chronic is all im hittin’
The topic for this beginning is simple for comprehending,
The blues so ya’ll can get it. This life is what we livin’”
Welcome to The Chronic Blues.
This is Destruct, and by each new release Destruct has, he empowers his artistic name.
And shows why he’s worthy of the name.
Get on the train, enjoy the ride

Once Again:
With the break beats, clean bassline, and minimalistical parts. This is taking me back years.
Emphasizing his rhymes, and getting the biggie cuts in. He sets the bar.
This is a moving train, the soul train you can funk with.
With the phazer on the vocal sample enriching the sound.
Hi Fly and Destruct really make a good team, showing a mutual goal to what this product should be.

Sun Shinin’
Starting of with a pompous sound, with the sample and big band drum roll.
I expected a bit more up tempo track, but it keeps the mellow 420 sound, and a stereotypical westcoast syntheziser set your mind straight for what the funk you should be doing whilst listening to this album. juaquin Pacheco who by now should be a known name, especially for you whom have heard any of Destructs previous lp’s, does a great job on the chorus.
Personally I’d like to hear a whole collaboration album between Juaquin and Destruct though.
Ending the track with a crazy switch up and Bone Thugs Vocal Sample. Set me of, but what can I say. I fuxx with it! Love the switch up!

The Method:
Beat sets of as a real westcoast sounding beat, but kinda “sets me of” with the choice of chords on the synth. When I get into the rhyming, and extra arpeggio I can’t say nothing, and when I get to the chorus, I’m straight noddin’ my head! Audrianna Talavera has got a very soulful voice, and gives a nice rounded sound to the song. Sometimes I wonder, where does this dude find these vocalist.
Had to google her! I suggest you do so to!

The Chronic Blues:
As I’ve written before in an earlier review of another “Destruct” LP, he takes me back to the 90’s with a good touch of today!  When it comes to rhyme schemes, producers, vocalist and cuts/DJ’s he chooses to work with.
This is one of those tracks!
Where you just listen to the vibe, and feeling that’s been built up!
Taking you back with storytelling, and upbringing of a youths flirt with “chronic”.
Something everyone who’s ever flirted with Mary, can relate to.
Not a smoking anthem, but absolutely a descent track, because of it as a whole and the touch the cuts, and chosen cutsamples give.

All Adds Up:
“Things get outta hand with the mic in my grasp/
The thin line between, the artistry and the facts”
Destruct tells us about his struggle, his thoughts about why he feels he looks for this “guilty pleasure” and his motivation/goal.
A motivating yet self conscious song that just tops it off with Destruct singing the chorus himself, something I hope to hear him play around with a lot more in a near future.
All these breaks/interludes Hi-Fly makes, shows his diversity and real talent as a producer.
Showing of his skills in up builds, momentum and being a
connoisseur of music.

All Night:
A story about Curiousity and the encounter where a mutual interest blossoms.
Told in a realistic way, lust is one of humans vice’s and absolutely something every man and woman can relate to.
A simplistic beat carried by the vocals and story that’s told.
Robert Orejel’s Vocals applied nearly as a vocal sample, lift the beat and shows off the talent that Hi-fly has when it comes to his production skills, and being a producer, not only a beat maker.

Let It Be:
“Do you even give a fuck about I, Well Jamie Lee Curtis ain’t saying true lies”
Life’s trials and tribulations often end up in tangled love stories, the up tempo drum pattern, the pop inspired hook, the vocal effects on the beat.
Elements such as repetitive synth details, making this one of the strongest tracks on the LP.
Because of it’s details.
As said on the end of the song “Just let me m***af***in love you.”

Move Fast:
With a beat like this one, starting off so jazzy!
And bumping off with a crowd cheer, and live instruments.
I’m practically in a listeners heaven and enjoying my listening experience.
With a hook such as:
“You Can’t stop the program, So what you want outta life yo that’s in your hands
Moving to the top, where you settle for no chance, thinking It won’t last Better wake up and move fast”¨
And lines such as:
“Cause its one for the truth and two for the shows,
three for the money and four for your soul”
This ranks as song number two of’ve all track on the album for me.
Going with “Let it be” as the best song on the album.

End It Like This:
A great melodramatic outro, with apocalyptic 80’s rock guitar riffs and a well produced beat.
I must admit all this Chronic talk makes me wanna light up a swisha and put this album on reply.


The album catches you from the first track, and starts of slowly to get you amped even of’ve ambient sounding songs. To keep it escalating and ending in a dramatic way.
What I like the most about Destructs work, no matter which producer he works with on an LP, is that together with any producer I’ve heard him thus far, he creates concept LP’s, from start to ending he holds it relevant, he reaches and surpasses my level of expectations and keeps getting better. Now what I would like from Destruct next time is an LP more in the lines of “Let It Be” or his collaborations with Joaquin Pacheco.
Hi Fly impressed me a lot, being a producer I haven’t heard of before, he is now a producer I’ve google’d “the shit outta”!
So should you!

I rate this album a 5/6 because of its up build, production, sound quality and delivery.
It’s relevant all the way and has strong tracks, I wish all tracks where really just as gripping with the same up build, all though I had a small drop on “The Chronic Blues” track.

Go to www.destructmusic and get yours right away.

Hopefully we get One more LP from Destruct during 2013


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