jeudi 4 avril 2013

Klive Kraven & One-Take "The Diary of A Boss" (Whole album video tracks) (2013)

01. Klive Kraven - Predator - (Prod. One-Take)
02. Klive Kraven - They Still Live feat. Mark Deez, Kwote1 and Rez The Silverback - (Prod. One-Take)
03. Klive Kraven - Welcome Back to Fucktown - (Prod. One-Take)
04. Klive Kraven - Lone Wolf - (Prod. One-Take)
05. Klive Kraven - Rhythm Slaves feat. Alzymerz and A-Wall - (Prod. One-Take) (Cuts. Drew Dollars)
06. Klive Kraven - Earthquake - (Prod. One-Take)
07. Klive Kraven - Mars to America feat. Odoub and Cliff Clavin - (Prod. One-Take)

All the tracks from the Klive Kraven & One-Take album "The Diary of A Boss". This album is currently on sale now at To hear more from Klive Kraven and other Goldminded Records artists visit the sites listed below!! Support real Hip-Hop!!


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