mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Matt Maddox - King Killer (produced by Sicknature) (Single) (2014)

"Matt Maddox releases his second solo album "Righteous Fury" on 25th February, and the Long Beach rapper now based in Kansas has been putting the work in for the past couple of months
Having already released two official videos and a single in quick succession, he has also been setting up a series of dates for the coming months, including performing at this year's SXSW, touring with Slaughterhouse and scheduling overseas appearances in the UK, Europe and Australia
Today he launches a further new single, King Killer, a two and a half minute verbal onslaught over a powerful crashing beat courtesy of German crew "The Snowgoons" Danish producer Sicknature. Released today to mark his new interview with Hip Hop Kings…sive-interview
The album releases on Red Phone Records / Seven 13 Music, and includes features by Reef The Lost Cauze, Tragedy Khadafi, UK's Edd Bundy, King Magnetic, cuts throughout by DJ TMB, and further production by C Lance, Vanderslice, Nemesis, Skammadix and many more."
International iTunes pre-order link for "Righteous Fury"
On twitter @MattMaddox82 & @Sicknature The labels are at @RedPhoneRecords & @Seven13Music
Any djs not already serviced with the full quality clean radio edit mp3 can request it from UrbanElite PR via
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