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Rukas (Artist Spotlight)


“I Was a right tear away when growing up. I Got into crime and drugs really young, probably about 12 or so, running wild on estates, so many estates thru the years... constantly in trouble with the law, evil step dads were part of my life, drunken/abusive you know the drill, there were some dark scenes in the family home, scenes of which I only hint at in my songs. Used to bunk school all the time, hanging round in the shopping centre, was living in Wandsworth at the time. Think the only good thing I ever done there was finding a murder weapon and handing it into the police. I even got an award from them. Some certificate in a frame. Bullshit to me at the time. Don’t know what happened to it. Wish I had a kept hold of it though. Had enough of the crap at home, so I left to find my dad in East London, left right before my exams too, don’t get me wrong, I was ok in school when I was there, especially in English, history and art, but didn’t love it enough to stay. Finding my dad was an anticlimax, he was an alcoholic. I had questions that I wanted answers to. He was in no state to supply’em though. The only question that I got an answer for was “where do I get my love of drinking from?” Heh! Well the answer was staggering and swaying in front of me. Stayed with him for a while but we did each other's head in, too alike you could say. So I ended up on the streets, got mixed in with heroin addicts, slept rough for seven years, and yes injecting the stuff all thru the period. Stole body building pills and smoked salmon to fund the habit. You can laugh but there was money to be had. “You can’t starve in London, it’s impossible.” Would hustle in the west end as well; finding big groups of people, and blagging that I knew where the best club was, I’d take ’em there and they would all give me a bit of cash. Funny thing was once they were in the door, the bouncers would give me cash too, we had an understanding you see, I get the gullible mugs there to drink all the shit beer they could handle, and I’d be looked after on the door. Wasn’t good for my habit though, coz I made a killing this way, if I told you the most I made in a night, you wouldn’t believe me. One night I had a run in with the old bill, I had white and brown on me, a fair bit, enough that I was sent to Pentonville prison. Now I’ve always been a little bloke, you know, blonde, blue eyes, the sort that wouldn’t have been short of company in the nick I can tell you that much. Let me tell you I was bricking it. But I got by with no worries, always had the gift of the gab, and I made out I was harder than I actually was, plus I make friends easier than enemies, I mean even back then, if I was robbing you, you’d be loving me for it! Smiling at me as I was picking your pockets! So…out of prison and into the hostel system. Few years of that, came off the drugs went back on ’em, collapsed one day, woke up in hospital, crying relatives bedside; life defining moment, an epiphany if you like. Enough was enough; I was knocking all the crap on the head! Done it too! Dropped the mugs I was running round with, they weren’t helping me believe me. They didn’t like me too much I can tell you, I was an earner see, and a good one. Many a night they’ve gotten high thru my hustle, and a new improved me just put a crimp in their day. You should’ve seen’em in the hostel, giving me evils, almost as if I’d sold out or something. “Oh gosh I’m awfully sorry I don’t want to inject any more white and brown cocktails into my eyeballs and die a terrible death long before my time!” I got my flat when the hostel heads saw the change in me, and after I was clean for a good while of course. Been clean ever since. Started my rapping. Won few radio competitions. Even a spot on radio 1! Started volunteering in hostels, the staff in my hostel really helped me, they do good work some of’em, and it’s something I can see myself doing. Been volunteering for nearly a year now. Just completed an NVQ level 2 in advice and guidance. Now I am working as a Thames Reach support worker. The Plan… The plan is to completely blow peoples minds away with a combination of out of this world beats and lyrics that shouldn’t be humanly possible! The plan is for me to create a goddamn work of Art! A literary linguistic, long lasting legacy…a masterful man-made musical mosaic! I hope you are ready for Rukas! I intend to murder the word and resurrect it in the same breath, and force it to do my bidding for me. I’m gonna coheres the English language to strip and dance for me! Inspired by the story telling genius of Slick Rick! The sheer audacity of ICE-T, the comedic punch line of MAD SKILLZ. BIG DADDY KANE had the swiftness; BIG L had all of the above. And there was me…just a kid with a pen and a notepad. I tried to rap like these legends, but how did they put those clever words together? So I started writing, I was 14 at the time, I was wack! I stopped writing at the age of 20, left home to do all the shit you will hear in my songs, and miraculously came thru it alive! I took up the pen again when I was 30. Shit I’ve been thru changed me, I guess, made me more focused, seeing friends die around you does that I guess. So I retreated within my mind, feverishly writing, making 1 word rime, 2 words rime, 3. Then more! I learnt to tighten those phrases till the little fuckers squeaked! And so I had my style. A fellow rapper labeled my style as “mirror writing”. I knew then that my style was unique and original. Man I hope you are ready for me! Well…the time has come. I’ve waited in the shadows too long now, and as I leave the darkness, I emerge blinking into the light…groping for purchase…and as I do I reach for a hand, and I find the hand of Hip Hop.

The offering of a rose basket I bare// The coffin was a closed casket affair …”


My name is Rukas AKA The Grey Walker AKA The Mirror Writer AKA Apprentice To The Word AKA NUFF SAID! I'm a rapper/Lyricist with my own unique style, I Write words and make them do strange things... I get’em to jump up and strip for me… I collab with other skilful artists, I can be found running tings on TourDates with number one song after number one song... I’m writing and rapping some futuristic impossible shit that shouldn’t be within the realms of human ability, man my ‘Mirror Writing’ style is the most unique thing to ever happen to Hip Hop, it’s just plain fact, I aint even gotta brag, I’m just that good… I consider myself to be the best technical lyricist on Earth, that’s how confident I am…

"In every starving land there's a fat King
And every laughing man shares a sad grin
Heights to gain ya got purpose a calling come
Life’s a game of God versus the fallen one
Across a Chessboard and the revelation seen
like Gods at rest bored the Devil takes the Queen
Deformed but flawless beast Johnny’s having nightmares
A Pawn the smallest piece on these black and white squares
How can there be free will f-f-fella P’lease it don’t exist
Like a scary sequel or a celibate Priest alone with kids!”

Is this guy the best lyricist on the planet??.. you judge!! Lyrics like you ain't never heard.. 8 number 1 tracks in the year 2011 UK unsigned charts. 2011 saw him hold the #1, #2 and #3 spot AT THE SAME TIME


1. Slave to the Word
2. Apprentice to the Word
3. Master of the Word
4. The Terran Tale Teller
5. So Underrated (Rukas & Dekay Collab Album - 2013)


6. The Mirror Writer
7. The Girl That Never Takes Her Jacket Off
8. The Scribe Enlightened
9. I'm Animated

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He has also been featured on various COAST TO COAST mix CDs

The UK Unsigned charts:

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