mercredi 24 février 2016

IDE - Sound The Horns (Prod. Lucky Loopiano) Official Music Video

"Sound The Horns" Official music video 
Directed by Serringe [Element Tree]
Director of Cinematography: Serringe [Element Tree]
2nd and 3rd cameras: Kenneth Shumaker, Aquiles Torres
Costume Design and Make up: Charlie De Leon
Opening Titles/Score: Kenneth Shumaker
Cast: Ryan Gallogly, Charlie De Leon, Jesus Himself, Geraldo Barreto, Roy Johannessen
Lyrics: IDE
Beat: Lucky Loopiano
Recorded & Mixed by: Raj Makhija at RVM Sounds
Mastered: Manuel Roessler
Single from the upcoming release "Breathe Easy" coming 2016 on CJMHipHop
IG: @ide1043
Twitter: @ide1043
FB: IDE (Creative Juices)
Youtube: IdeologyTV

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