lundi 15 février 2016

Ribon - Endless Looper (LP Snippet)

"Endless Looper" is the sixth solo album of Ribon, mcee and beatmaker based in Barcelona, Spain. The difference between this and his previous albums is the fact that this one is focused exclusively on his role as producer, presenting an instrumental LP based on the sampling culture, paying tribute to Hip Hop and its elements across different sound textures.

Ribon - "Endless Looper" LP tracklist:

A1. Blow shit up | Feat. Dejota Rena
A2. Not dead
A3. Rockfloor
A4. Flame on
A5. Dark communications
B1. Jazzik
B2. Western Galaxy
B3. Supa style makers
B4. Black box | Feat. Ger One, El Gran Zeta, Eter, Mismo, Kam, Dj Slam, Dj Lobo
B5. Keeping the alma | Feat. Dj Zeack

Album credits:

Todos los tracks sampleados, padeados, secuenciados y mezclados por Ribon para Serial Survivor Producciones en Groundpeople Sound Lab (Barcelona).
Mastering por Calagad 13
Fotografía por Ignasi Cases "Kiricks"
Artwork por Groundpeople.
Fresh Kingdom Records | Secuaces Crew | Barcelona 2016.

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