samedi 30 avril 2011

Youtube channel

I just started a Youtube channel, where you can find underground videos but also the best classics ! Join here.

Son of Saturn & Amun Morb - Akashik Ancestorz EP



Det The Bomb - Twisted King

2.Class in session feat. Connect
3.Twisted king
4.Evil war feat. Enterprize
5.Dust 2 dust 99
6.Execute them
7.All that glitters
8.Keep on
9.Rest assured
10.Postmortem mix 2
11.Reanimated feat. DJ Joon
12.The odditorium


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vendredi 29 avril 2011

Gusto Malenko - Throwbacks



Dyad Souls - Terminally Ill

Dyad Souls - Venomous Wordplay [Prod. Klive Kraven] [Cuts By Dj Trickalome]

"Dyad Souls is a hardcore hip hop duo from Australia, comprised of Dario Argento and Mario Bava. "Venomous Wordplay" is an exclusively leaked track from their third album "Terminally ILL" (presented by Klive Kraven and Jnyce).

Dyad Souls - "Terminally ILL" [2011] {LP Sampler}

The LP is set to drop April 30, 2011 on Goldminded Records and will be available for purchase for $10 through on Big Cartel for a physical CD and it will cost slightly more through iTunes as a digital copy. The cover artwork is done by Poltart, and the promotional video is by FiswaT.

The album is produced by Dyad Souls, Klive Kraven, Jnyce, and Skitzo. Furthermore, it features more material from Donnie Menace, Odoub, Mr. Hyde, Jnyce, Shallow Pockets, Sean Strange, Klive Kraven, Anonamix, Absoulut Karnage, Funeral Directors, Zodiak Killa, Icy Stares, and Nutkaze.

Contact for any related questions/inquiries."

01. Final Operation (Intro)
02. Introduction To Your Destruction
03. Venomous Wordplay
04. Tangled In The Web Of Fear
05. The Sorcerer's Outcry
06. Barbarical Bludgeonings (Jnyce Remix)
07. Affirmations Of Death
08. Execution Styles
09. Put Em' In The Morgue
10. Sadistic Linguistics
11. The Coroner's Inquest
12. Merciless Murderers
13. Killers In The Mist
14. Choose Death (Jnyce Remix)
15. Post Mortem Poetry
16. Killer Instincts
17. Lucifer's Labyrinth
18. Terminally ILL
*Bonus Track*
19. The Razor's Edge

Order @ Goldminded Records


WU-FAMILY - WU on da Flow. SU on da Beat. (Remixes) (Compiled by WTCF►) (2011)

01. Blowgun (Remixed by Toschiy & T.Mak)
02. Brooklyn Zoo (Remixed by Jeremy Star)
03. Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide (Remixed by Severenada)
04. Cross My Heart (Remixed by Ramanych)
05. Mighty Healthy (Remixed by Nuttkase)
06. You Cant Keep Good Man Down #2 (Remixed by Anton Solodov)
07. I'm Wit That (Remixed by SteTheAllah)
08. Line Up (Remixed by T.Mak)
09. The Shoot Out (Remixed by Phunk Masta Seven)
10. The Night The Earth Cried (Remixed by M-13)
11. Fall Of Solomon (Remixed by ToNY)
12. La Rhumba (Remixed by Dray)
13. Astro (Remixed by Severenada)
14. Third World (Remixed by L-Trang)
15. Slang Editorial (Remixed by Ramanych)
16. Waters Of Nazareth (Remixed by Relax)


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Basement Dwellaz - Invisible doctrines EP


Sites :
Basement Dwellaz Facebook

mercredi 27 avril 2011

Revolution Of The Mind - Honor in sin (27-04-2011)

"Bay Area duo Revolution of the Mind has teamed up with to offer up their latest studio album, Honor in Sin, for free streaming and download.
Executive produced by Sabac Red of legendary crew Non-Phixion, the set features 14 fresh cuts (plus one bonus track) from I. Shiek and DJ Dfi. Included is Booth-premiered, reader-approved leak “Ain’t Seen Me Since.”
Joining ROTM throughout Honor in Sin are such indie artists as Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Keelay & Zaire and The Seed. In addition to DJ Dfi’s own production, the project features beats by Snowgoons, Sicknature, Malaguti, Keelay & Zaire, Signature, Adikt 1 and more!

Home Invasion ft. Outerspace
They Must All... ft. Reef The Lost Cauze

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Cyclonious & 42nd Chamber - The Warrior & The Blacksmith (EP)

01. The Warrior And The Blacksmith
02. The Pillage
03. Shit Is Real
04. The Weak Get Impaled
05. In The Eyes Of Youth
06. Freedom
07. Drastic
08. Never Lose Your Passion
09. When I Come For Them


HomeGrown Monsters - Bin Doin This (2011)


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mardi 26 avril 2011

Virtuoso & Snowgoons – “Statue” (Video)

"Big Bang Records presents the long awaited video for the fan favorite track "Statue" off of Snowgoons latest album Kraftwerk (Goon MuSick). "Statue" is a monstrous collaboration that links musical mastermind Sicknature from Denmark and Boston lyrical legend Virtuoso. Virtuoso tears this track into tiny pieces with his trademark verbal acrobatics over a rock solid boom-bap backdrop. This track is one of the best selling songs in Snowgoons and Virtuoso's respective careers and has been setting fire to speakers across the globe. The video was directed and edited by Marsay Seymour (20/20 Vizin) and Virtuoso himself. This is just a taste of the fire to come as Big Virt and Snowgoons are in the process of making an entire album together to be released in early 2012."

Sites :

Speed Dial 7 - 11

01 Satellites II (ft. M Sayyid & Mike Ladd)
02 Run for Cover (ft. Pip Skid)
03 Crash Collision (ft. Anna Barie & Mike Ladd)
04 Pure Evil (ft. Pip Skid)
05 Get It On (ft. Nomad)
06 First You Love It (ft. Nomad & Elissa P)
07 Binoculars (ft. Pip Skid)
08 I Ain't the One (ft. Pip Skid & Skratch Bastid)
09 Jokes (ft. Zucchini Drive & Yy)
10 Poker Faces II (ft. Pip Skid, Birdapres & Nomad)
11 The Plague (ft. Mike Ladd & Marcus Graap)


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Amadeus The Stampede - The Devil Made Me Do It (2011)

1. The Devil Made Me Do It
2. Time To Go To War
3. Twisted ft. Slaine
4. Scars of Life
5. The Virus ft. Canibus & Lateb
6. Idle Hands
7. Darkness ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
8. Laws of Existance
9. Killa Season ft. The Greater Good
10. Hear No Evil
11. Most People ft. Rite Hook
12. Face To Face
13. Goin Thru It
14. Same As It Ever Was ft. Blak Madeen
15. Demonz
16. Self Sabotage ft. Ricky Mortis
17. Paradigm
18. Turn My Power Off
19. Sorrow ft. Skinny Cavallo
20. Why Ask Why


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lundi 25 avril 2011

undergroundhardcorerap presents Undaground Vision

If you haven't downloaded it yet, don't sleep on...

First official undergroundhardcorerap compilation,
with exclusive tracks from some of the best underground artists !!!
(all the credits in the download file*)

Thanks to all the artists for their collaboration... keep real Hip-Hop alive ! 
Support the artists, buy their music, spread all over the world, go to their shows... 
Share your passion, but don't forget that artists are the true players...

Download free with :


*all the covert arts by djrhum1

MidaZ The BEAST - The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams

Sleeps - NJ Path [Hosted by Zagnif Nori]

01. "NJ Path" [Prod. by GBuilding]
02. "Dr. Manhattan" [Prod. by Crucial The Guillotine]
03. "Steve Smith" [Prod. by GBuilding]
04. "Euphoria Needed" featuring Lanigiro [Prod. by GBuilding]
05. "Freeze Frame" [Prod. by GBuilding]
06. "PTI" [Prod. by DJ Coutz]
07. "RMG" featuring Dee N Kid Ghost [Prod. by GBuilding]
08. "Suavemente" [Prod. by GBuilding]
09. "Risen" featuring Speak, Versez, Solo, & Billz [Prod. by Illy Vas]
10. "Malpractice" [Prod. by GBuilding]
11. "Buried Alive" featuring Speak & Versez] [Prod. by GBuilding]
12. "4Move Checkmate" featuring Versez] [Prod. by GBuilding]
13. "Powerhouse" featuring Jane Doe, Speak, & Solo [Prod. by GBuilding]


Sites :
Sleeps Reverbnation

dimanche 24 avril 2011

Amun Morb - Limbo's Mezzanine

01. Wind, Synth, & Static (Prod: The Sans-Bayonet)
02. Frozen Rain (Prod: Burger Beats)
03. Limbo's Mezzanine (Prod: Burger Beats)
04. The Mirror Lies (Prod: Krippled Khemist)
05. In The Pythian Pit (Prod: Cozen)
06. The Totalitarian Tiptoe (Prod: Scientific)
07. Paradise Lost Ft. Son of Saturn (Prod: Burger Beats)
08. Joey (Prod: Burger Beats)
09. High Above The Ruins (Prod: G-Cleft)
10. Without Dreams (Prod: Phil Audio)
11. Zeitgeist Ft. Blacc Suhn (Prod: Naja Gemini)
12. Myriads Of Abandoned Souls Ft. Son of Saturn (Prod: Burger Beats)
13. False Adoration (Prod: Burger Beats)
14. In The Face Of Madness Remix (Omni3)
15. Time Travelers Ft. Big Tim, Ethiks, Piexi, Evolve (Prod: Abstrakt)
16. The Abyss (Prod: LoopWHOLE)
17. The Snake Whisperer (Prod: Zeike Sounds)



Lost Legends - Book Of The Lost Chapter 1

Snowgoons, Lord Lhus, Sean Strange, Sicknature, Savage Brothers, Psych Ward - 2 videos

Snowgoons ft Lord Lhus, Sean Strange, Sicknature & Psych Ward - Global Domination

Snowgoons, Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus - Music ft Vibez (The Iron Fist)

Sites :

PMD, Sean Strange & Snowgoons - Welcome To The Goondox (TEASER VIDEO)

New EP "The Goondox" by PMD, Sean Strange, Snowgoons & Sicknature coming soon!

samedi 23 avril 2011

B Wiv Deece - Unleash the Beast

1.Show Stealin
2.One Mind feat. Fatty Phew
3.There’s A Wall feat. Fluent Form
4.Take A Second Look feat. G Force
5.Where’d The Days Go feat. Maundz
6.Unleash The Beast feat. Fatty Phew
7.One Fine Government feat. Luke Mac
8.Warmed Up
9.Escape Artist Gate (From Rise In Peace)


Life Scientist & Son of Saturn - Denizens Of Discordia EP

02. THE OATH (prod: Oath One)
04. EUTOPIA? (prod: Sras)
05. BIOLOGICAL WARFARE (prod: Oath One)
08. MYSTIC PANTHEON (Nix Productions)
09. MYSTIC PANTHEON REMIX (Nix Productions)



BP presents... Stoneface


Site :!/realstoneface

mercredi 20 avril 2011

Ern Dawgy - Brutal force Mixtape (2010)

01 - 6Th Day Of June Ft. Lord Zero
02 - Walk These Streets Ft. Jigsaw
03 - Black Ivory Ft. Da Dirty Clanzmen & PCP
04 - Live Life
05 - I Belive Ft. Dungeon Masta
06 - Cranium Explosage Ft. Graveyard Shifter & White Lotus
07 - High Speed Chase Ft. Graveyard Shifter & El Alfarero
08 - Ronin Assassinz Ft. Maximus Da Mantis
09 - No More
10 - Bring Fire Ft. PCP
11 - Fronteras Ft. El Alfarero & Ali Aka Mind
12 - No Sunhine
13 - Cold World Ft. PCP
14 - Brute Force Ft. Shinobi Ironfist
15 - The Answer Ft. Sinapse, Maximus Da Mantis, Dcoz, 100Pr00F, H.Notik, Jigsaw & Skampoe
16 - The Last Abyss Ft. Maximus Da Mantis
17 - Cold World 2 Ft. PCP
18 - Sacrifices
19 - Deadly Moves Ft. Zillah
20 - Five Invincible Warriahz Ft. Mcmosiris, Cerebral Hyper, TC & Mighty Warrior
21 - Da Illest (Remix) Ft. Chief Kamachi, Killah Priest & Planet Asia
22 - Blade Wind Ft. Maximus Da Mantis & Jigsaw
23 - Rare Fruits Ft. Professor Graveface & Skampoe
24 - How Could You
25 - Violent Violinz Ft. PCP, Professor Graveface, White Lotus & Icabod Chang


Bloody Monk Consortium - Bloodshed

1.Call It Watchu prod. by Illstar
2.B.M.C prod. by Imperial Skillz Empera
3.Logic Fly prod. by Logic Fly cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
4.BANG! prod. lex luger
5.Blood Letter feat. Pumpkinhead & LoDeck prod. lex luger
6.Fallen Angelz prod. FuckRICO
7.Burma Interlude
8.Bloodshed prod. Lex Luger cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
9.Nightmare on Hemp Street prod. Hemperor K
10.Elesdee prod. Lex Luger
11.Driven into Darkness prod. Niko "La" Tesla cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
12.Cooked Infection prod. Kebo
13.Run It feat. C-Rayz Walz,Damo & Teton prod. lex luger cuts by AllanB
14.Creepers prod. lex luger
15.Shrink's 3rd Eye feat. Pacewon & 2uGli prod. mag0wl
16.Axe Murder Blood Bros prod. by FuckRICO
17.The Mission prod. Niko "La" Tesla cuts by DJ ShadowFIst
18.Dead Speaks prod. FuckRICO
19.The Curse prod. lex luger
20.Wrath of the Gods prod. FuckRICO
21.Exit feat. Teton prod. Kebo

Order it at


I know I usually post only free download but on this occasion... 
don't sleep on my fam Bloody Monk Consortium !

Rob Raw - U must of forgot

Sites :!/robrawda1?sk=info

mardi 19 avril 2011

RyPa - Sin Eater Album (2011)

Don't sleep on this dope dark hardcore horrorcore shit released today !
Available for FREE download at RYPA.NET and here :


The Banishment Rebellion feat Azrael The Silent Angel 

Check the great video from RyPa (on Dexter' theme) I've already posted here !!!

Sites :
RyPa Facebook
RyPa Soundclick!/rypa