vendredi 25 décembre 2015

SHU ft. MR.ERBIE, VIVICS & DJ SOP - 3 Elemente (prod. RALPH THE ARCHITEK) (Official video 2015)


 Verses : Shu, Mr.Erbie, Vivics;
Instrumental : Ralph The Architek
Cuts : Dj SOP
Mix/Master : Cortex & Megiddo;
Filmed & Edited by Mr.Erbie;

Off Under Collaborations vol.2 by Shu


Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays to everyone ! 

I'll be back very soon !

Peace. DJ Rhum'1

émoticône shark
 Shark Brothers 2016 

émoticône shark

jeudi 24 décembre 2015

OvaSeas Movement - The Meltdown (2015)

01. The Meltdown (ft. Pure Doze)
02. Stay in the Zone (ft. Jai Pera, Topas, Johnny Bonano & Lethal P)
03. Dope (ft. Rano & Ono)
04. Knock on Metal (ft. Silentmind, Simon 50, Fubar & Hades)
05. Rap Lässt Freunde Bluten (ft. Topas, Rated R, Fubar & Dropé MDF)
06. Coma (ft. Killah Priest & Crazy Musician)
07. Cold Ass Spitta (ft. 1st Blood Music Group)
08. Twin Shadows 8 (ft. General x & Childish)
09. Hard Times (ft. Childish, Gino Joka & Silentmind)
10. Hospital (ft. Kario, Johnny Bonano, Gina Joka & Instant Legend)
11. Knockout Time
12. Marca Shu (Remix) (ft. Shu, Lord Lhus & Vivics)
13. Bang Bang (ft. Se7enSandman, Topas, Rated R & The Jotaka)
14. Mind of a Hustler (ft. Childish, Rated R, Silentmind & Johnny Bonano)
15. Street Culture (ft. Dropé MDF, Topas, Virus, Subcon5ience & Perfect K)
16. Warlords (ft. Habeas Corpus, General X, Alpha Sigma & Lips Loucious)
17. Heaven & Hell (ft. Topas, Rated R, Fubar & Hades)
18. Wake Up (ft. Hades & El-Roi)
19. Soldiers of Fortune (ft. Jai Pera, Topas, Virus, Death Star & Fubar)
20. Fils du Béton (ft. Duo2choc & Topas)
21. Cut Throats (Remix) (ft. General X & Pauly Styles)
22. Duck Dich (ft. El-Roi & ChrisMcCrack)
23. OSM Shouts

lundi 21 décembre 2015

dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Fubar - After The Legend Vol. 2 (Features & Collaborations) (2015)

samedi 19 décembre 2015

Savage Brothers - Freedom Or Death (2015)

mercredi 16 décembre 2015

The Scribes - The Dust [Music Video] @TheScribes | @ReelMeRecords : TITAN TV

OUT NOW on iTunes - 

The Scribes Present Mr Teatime & The End Of The World....

Greetings. My name is Mr Teatime. I am contacting you from the year 2074. The world is now a very different place. After the bomb dropped the robots took control. Please heed my warning. I am so alone. 

"Mr Teatime & The End Of The World" tells the story of the catastrophic end of life as we know it and the desperate struggle of the eponymous last man on Earth in his desperate quest to stop the rise of the robots, all told in one continuous narrative against a looming back drop of glitchy, dusty hip hop.

"The Dust" taken from the 7 track hip hopera "The Scribes Present Mr Teatime & The End Of The World".

Copyright Reel Me Records 2015.

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lundi 14 décembre 2015

Caprot - Edge of the Blade (2015)

Jimmy Vegas ft. Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang Killabeez) - Breathe (Single) (2015)

dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Loaf Muzik - Live From The Dungeon (2015)

samedi 12 décembre 2015

Shadow The Great - Shinobi Warz (Video)

A Loaf Films Production 
With TeamBackPack Assistance 
Filmed by - Sen M Floyd 
Edited by - King iLLa 
Track Produced - Shine Sinatra 

Track Download Link Below

mercredi 9 décembre 2015

The God Of Skillz - Ruffián (Single) (2015)

BLAZY - Heavy Dose (video 2015)


08. 12. 2015 
Song by BLAZY (off the "Solar Rays" EP) 
Produced by RULER WHY 
Visuals by Subcreations Productions 
Camera - Geo Robinson 
Model - Luna Sophia 
Dancer - Fabian Ortega

dimanche 6 décembre 2015

EMPTY HANDED WARRIORS - Designed For The Struggle (LP 2015)


 This is a dedication album for the Camps Breakerz Crew, from Gaza! We are planning different jams in Europe to raise money for them so they can build a dance school!

All tracks mixed and mastered by Da Landlord & PSL @ Eastgarden Music
Released December 1, 2015

Apathy - Rap Is Not Pop (Single) (2015)