mardi 31 mai 2011

Poetic Death of Organized Threat - Dark Voices ft. The Jotaka & Explicito


DjamHellVice - Préface (2011)

2.Prêt à en découdre
3.M.I.M (ft. Kobi & Darko)
4.Total Failure
5.Entrée en matière (ft. Zarma & Ron1)

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Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Mix Tapes (Hip Hop) Vol 8 (2011)

1.Son of Saturn & Life Scientist - Biological Warfare
2.Thought Crime Collective & Test Their Logik - Thought Crime
3.Mir the Bloody/Demonios Sekt) - behind the puppet (Feat Depo-Jenkinz-Dramah-The Jotaka-D-Cap)
4.Explicito & Paco Loco- Learn from the The Streets
5.Torner, SAI & Verb - Freedom ( Hellbound & Cuts by DJ Joon)
6.Life Scientist (ft The Vultures) - Saturn Attacks
7.Silvertongue - Brain Hunters
8.Awkword - Can't Stop Won't Stop (hook ft. Block McCloud & Riles)
9.Ordeal - U.S.A.
10.Jehuniko - Get'Em
11.The Jotaka Perverse  - Da Perverse (Prod. Kachin)
12.Son of Saturn - Harbinger
13.Kalki - Returning to now
14.Life Scientist - Hidden Gatez (ft. Sun Seed/Last Bronzeman)
15.The Cult of Reason (Irrefutable, JKrazy, Luka) - Mechanized Konfusion (Ft Son of Saturn) Prod.Push Beats, Luka)
16.Mir the Bloody, TK - Cacador de Almas
17.Ordeal - M.F.U.
18.TRIZ - 'Rather Be In Anarchy' (Produced and mixed by Dj-Anden)
19.Jehuniko - nothing but the hardcore
20.Thought Crime Collective - By any means
21.The Dead Pool (Mister Pen,  Tragedy)  - Dead Eyez
22.Det the Bomb ( Tragedy Beat) - Deth of Me 
23. The Jotaka Perverse - Dark Celebration ( Prod. & Cutz  By Dj Coach One )
24. Post Mortem - Let me in
25. The Dead Pool (Mister Pen, Tragedy) - Static microwaves
26. Ascended Masters (Goddess Bliss & Dee Are) - Religionous Abstract

Sound Theory - Side B

dimanche 29 mai 2011

Omni3 & Son Of Saturn - The Esoteric Remixes

1. Scarecrows In Hells Pit (Ft. The Sargonites & Presto)
2. Chi Ghosts Pt. 1 (Ft. Omen Ra)
3. Chi Ghosts Pt. 2 (Ft. Sick Since & Canibus)
4. Curse Of The Cleric (Ft. IDE)
5. Harbinger Of Wu
6. Quantum Mechanics
7. From The Darkness
8. The Ancient Art Of Facts
9. Distorted Eutopia (Ft. Sick Since)
10. Pranic Mastery (Ft. ATMA & Canibus)
11. Revoltuion Is Here (Ft. Grime)

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Leaf Dog - Lost leafs

samedi 28 mai 2011

Kalki - Dark ages

1.The Prison Within
2.Wandering Mystic
4.Open Your Mind
5.Dark Ages
6.Heavenly Wars
7.Peace Within The Storm
9.Mind Of No Expectation Ft. Son Of Saturn
10.Sword Of Prajna Ft. Stranded & Riishii
11.Where The Shadows Play Ft. Erks Orion
12.Returning To Now
13.All That Is Necessary

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Existence - No Box mixtape

"Playing To Strengths" will be available next week on the 31st...

Det the Bomb - Apocalyptic rhymes Vol.1

Dope shit from my fam Det the Bomb ! DON'T SLEEP ! Artwork by... ME !!! Big up Det !

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vendredi 27 mai 2011

Labal-S - Timeless Myths - Mixtape (2008)

Amos the Ancient Prophet & Sick Since - Codex Magica

1. Intro
2. The Destroyer Of Worlds
3. The World Of Conspiracy
4. Infolude
5. God Slay The Queen
6. The Brotherhood Of Death
7. Infolude
8. Killuminati
9. Reptilian Bloodlines
10. Infolude
11. Matrix Of Evil
12. The Royal Rippers
13. Infolude
14. Disciples Of Babylon
15. Fuck The New World Order
16. Outro

Buy on itunes or from Sick Since

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Here's a single link to download the 9 vol. of my unofficial underground compilations (selection of best underground tracks in CD size) :
And of course, don't sleep on the first undergroundhardcorerap's official mixtape :
New mixtape coming soon...

Sound Theory - Side A

Existence presents Zero Tolerance

jeudi 26 mai 2011

ArtOfficial Intelligence - When Kingdoms Fall

Gusto Malenko - 9th Chamber

2.Killa Stylez
3.Dead Aim 4
4.Da Blaze
5.This Feeling (featuring KONsept)
6.Raw7.More Than U Know
8.The Usual Suspects (featuring Lord Hakim the Wargod)
9.9th Chamber
10.Va Dart Spit (featuring Righteous Da Goddess)
11.Sick Verse
12.Real Niggaz (featuring Graveyard Shifter)


Naveh - The Prose EP (2011)

01.NAVEH - The Prose (Nuttkase prod.)
02.BRASLET & NAVEH -Òîëüêî ÷åëîâåê (Braslet prod.)
03.NAVEH & SKYLER - The Massacre of Satan (Freddy Krueger prod.)
04.ALBINOS & NAVEH - The poisoned minds (Albinos prod.)
05.SCUM, HEAVEN & NAVEH - Èçûäè äåìîí (Psycho Madness prod.)
06.NAVEH - The Prose (Psycho Madness remix)

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mardi 24 mai 2011

Lord Lhus – Unreleased Classics (2010)

1.What’s The Reason
2.Crucifixion (feat. Bloodline & Eternel)
3.My Time
4.Worldwide (feat. Bloodline & Eternel)
5.Black Hearts (feat. Indrid Cold)
6.Catch Damage (feat. Knowledge & Eternel)
7.Beat Brutality
8.Warpath (feat. EQ & Outerspace)
9.Demonic Human
10.Every Day Struggle (feat. Sabac Red & Big John)
11.The Raw (feat. DJ White Shadow)
12.The Pain (feat. Qualm & Eternel)
13.Horrorcore Alliance (feat. Jnyce)
14.Smothered In Brains (feat. Psych Ward)
15.Alone In The Dark (feat. Mr. Morbid & Venom)
16.Acid Falls (feat. Scykotikz & Aksingin)
17.Dark Forces
18.What’s The Reason 2 (feat. Eternel & Qualm)
19.He Sold Out (Bonus Track)

Sites :!/LordLhus

DonChinoLp - Locura Pasajera

DonChinoLp - Así Soy OFFICIAL

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lundi 23 mai 2011

The Jotaka & Dark Guerrilla Chato,Obeast - In The Darkness ( Prod. Genghis Khan & Cutz Dj Coach One)

The Jotaka & Dark Guerrilla Chato,Obeast - In The Darkness ( Prod. Genghis Khan & Cutz Dj Coach One) by THE JOTAKA

Ungovernable Resistance Hip Hop Punk Mix Tapes Vol 7 (2011)

1. Son of Saturn (ft The Sargonites) - Operation X (Prod Hellbound)
2. Collectif Mary Read  (mina, barbe noire, calavera, ben, shogo, nergal) - Skyzominus freestyle (Prod Skyzominus)
3. Kalki - Dreams
4. Life Scientist/Green- Deep Impact (Prod. Fonka)
5. Mister Pen - The Magic Shisha (Prod Hellbound)
6. The Cult of Reason (Irrefutable, JKrazy, Luka) - Ancient Oraclez (Prod SeveeR, Luka)
7. Conexion Musical - Nix Bleibt So Wie Gestern
8.  Thought Crime Collective - Justice for Sale
9. Silvertongue - While the city sleeps
10. Awkword - All my people (Prod Harry Fraud)
 11. Can't Label It - Roundhouse Kick
12. Legion of Doom - Game Over (MC Dark Guerrilla Chato, Prod The 6th Element, Co-Producer/Engineer CJ Matey) Cutz by DJ Coachone
13. Mir the Bloody & PCP - Ipillz
14. X The Detective - Tuff a drunken monk hit (Drunken Monk)
15. Jehuniko - Embrace the madness
16. Blaze One FT Vega X & Icabod Chang  - The Decapitator (Cuts by DJ Twisted), Prod Hellbound
17. Ordeal - Such a catastrophe
18. Calavera - Antifasciste (Prod Ben)
19. Monte Smith - Talk the talk
20 - Righteous Da Goddess & Killamanhojoe - Sickside ( Hellbound)
21. Mister Pen/C. Impossible - Land of lost Souls (Prod Hellbound)
22. Triz - Politricks (Feat Chovy)
23. Monte Smith/DJ Soundmachine - Enemy at home
24 - Alianza Perversa (The Jotaka Perverse & Explicito) -  Creations of the Streets  (Prod. by Vice Versa)
25. Thought Crime Collective - Get militant
26. J-Mega - Struggle of life (Prod Hellbound)

D​.​N​.​A and M​.​O​.​D present The Rhyme With The Most Reason

samedi 21 mai 2011

Ussrm French-Division - Hip Hop 4 Eva EP

Intromental [Prod 3rd Chambah]
Tanto Tempo [Prod High Chief - Cuts Dj Twisted]
Ca tue [Prod High Chief]
Le spectre du Plateau [Prod High Chief]
Interlude [Prod Piart]
Back in da game [Prod High Chief]
Sinking Deadly mud (Feat. Dark Energy)[Prod DiVine]
Hip Hop 4 eva [Prod High Chief - Cuts Dj Twisted]
Da Ronin Express (Feat. Shinobi Kush & Dark Energy)[Prod High Chief]
Outro [Prod High Chief]


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4th Assassin- Assassin Files Vol.1


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