samedi 26 février 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.7

1.Army of the Pharaohs - Swords drawn
2.Da Great Deity Dah - Life or death
3.Big John - 3 kings feat. Kool G Rap & R.A. The Rugged Man
4.Al'Tarba - Ill Bill, Necro Remix
5.Dilated Peoples - Worst comes to worst
6.CunninLynguists - Lynguistics
7.Epsilon Project - My peoples feat. DJ Spinobi
8.Corrupted Nostalgia - Take a breath
9.Binary Star - Solar powered
10.Branch Davidians - Undeniable
11.Atom Tha Immortal & Lord Metatron - Sacred order of Haslem
12.East Coast Avengers - Kill Bill O'reilly
13.DJ Greyboy - Shoot to kill feat. O.G.C.
14.DJ Aristocrat - Frontier Psychiatry- Del the Funky Homosapien - If You Must (Remix)
15.Chief Kamachi - 777
16.DJ Black Panther - Damned
17.Euphrates - Do for self
18.Blacastan - Canolies
19.DJ Honda - How many feat. PMD & Buttah of the Rawcotiks
20.Atma & Jah Nigga - My science


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jeudi 24 février 2011

Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee & DJ Priority - Fresh, Amazingly

If you're in jazzy stuff, here is a dope album from emcee Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee and DJ Priority from New Jersey, US.

Third band to send me their work and I'm really happy to help them if I can...
So, don't hesitate to contact me ( and send me your stuff !

You can buy their music on itunes

Sites : 
Venomous Myspace
DJ Priority Myspace
Venomous Twitter
DJ Priority Twitter

mardi 22 février 2011

D.N.A. - The Evolution of the double Helix


"Drac & Antahlyzah form DNA..a Duo of Planetary Emcees Bearing Ancient Scrolls of Black Wisdom InterTwined With Lyrical Wizardry... Please support the real by buying this project."

lundi 21 février 2011

Worlwide Rap music travel - Germany (1)

 Kool Savas - Futurama United Nations RMX
 Hitfarmers - Conquering the throne Album-Snippet
 Snowgoons ft M-Dot & Jaysaun - The Real & The Raw

dimanche 20 février 2011

Ub - Undershit collection Vol.1 - 2007

Another nice blog to bookmark !

01. killarmy - clash of the titans
02. napoleon - beef aint over feat. p.a.c. va streets
03. 4th disciple - cpc theory feat. big tae, black & bummy juss
04. 4th disciple - tha fall feat. shogun alibastard the 1st
05. killah priest - welcome
06. 5 foot hyper sniper - twisted feat. saddity, shoog-d, mishap, j-murda, dre street
07. rubbabandz - say what feat. one third
08. da monstar mob - the diamond heistfeat. huesane ammo and ali (the mighty moors)
09. lost secret feat. christ bearer - the biff song
10. fes taylor - talk is cheap
11. warghost (holocaust & bomshot) - golden temple feat. radarr van & 12'o clock
12. the lost generation - hold your head (dirty) feat. reggiimental
13. psych ward - the covenant
14. poetic death (of ogt) - bamboo thicket feat. mistah schem
15. atma - sick thoughts

Playing Time.........: 00:54:50
Total Size...........: 64,81 MB

Download at uNdErGrOuNdbAbYlOn

samedi 19 février 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.6

1.Vertual Vertigo - Giant spit
2.Psych Ward - Suicide bomba
3.Klive Kraven - Shadows on the ground
4.Wyze Mindz - Destined to come
5.Psych Ward - The exorcism feat. Zugli
6.Bloodshot & Con-Crete - Scream feat. RM
7.Tha Soloist - The withered
8.Poetic Republic & K-Nyce - Live & Direct
9.Righteouz Knight - Soulz of man
10.Underworld-Netherlands - Magnum blasting (the grimey version) feat. Schopenaas, 80Proof & Psix
11.Prophet X & Old Owl - Hell, From Heaven
12. DJ Sven - Jeb ma ty pica (ak niesi moja)
13.Underworld-Netherlands -D italian job feat. Psix, Schopenaas
14.Wyze Mindz - Born a victim
15.Donnie Darko, Agency & Hue Hef - Misery
16.Underworld-Netherlands - Immortal Part.1 feat. Stihopathis, Empne, Schoppenaas, Psix & Dj D-Cypha
17.Psych Ward - Satanic Rites
18.Al'Tarba - Twentyfourseven feat. Apes in English & Jise 1
19.Q-Strange - Father figure
20.Sean Strange - Demonstration of skill feat. Odoub, Zodiac & DJ Young C
21.Bloodline - Blood In feat. DJ Nix'on - Produced by Al'tarba


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vendredi 18 février 2011

Dostrescinco - Gente en Obra

I make this blog to promote rap, and of course if independent artists want to contact me and share their music on my blog, I'd be happy to help them.

Dostrescinco, an independent rap group from Montevideo, Uruguay, send me links for their jazzy LP Gente en Obra :

Download free at

Sites :

mercredi 16 février 2011

Worlwide Rap music travel - Norway (1)

Tier'n & Lars - Intro 2006
TP Allstars - Dream On

Tommy Tee - Takin' Ova
The White Shadow of Norway - Destiny (Album Snippet)

Revolution Hip-Hop Presents: Lyrical Warfare

 Revolution Hip-Hop Presents: Lyrical Warfare feat Lost Children of Babylon, Dead Prez,The Welfare Poets, Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, LMS, Presto, Intifada, Sabac Red, Diabolic, Prince EA, Killah Priest, Rich Raw, Wise Intelligent, and Intikana

Download at Revolution Hip-Hop
Revolution Hip-Hop

mardi 15 février 2011

Dez Flight Presents New Era Of Rap (Volume 1) (2008)

The compilation is from this dope site :
Thanks Dez Flight !

02-MF Grimm – American Hunger
03-Main Flow – Perform Around States
04-Bee Why – The Boros
05-Akrobatik – You Got It
06-Big John – 3 Kings (Feat. Kool G Rap & R.A. The Rugged Man)
07-Sicknature – Bring Back The Raw Hip Hop (Feat. Q-Unique & Ill Bill)
08-Donnie Darko – On My Block Pt.2
09-Righteouz Knight – Da Sandz Of Time
10-Dev Rocka – Rap Circus (Feat. Kawshen,Krumb Snatcha & Broady Boy Ace)
11-Virtuoso – Man Of The Hour
12-Psych Ward – Legion Of Demons (Feat. Matt Walst)
13-Dray – How It Feel (Feat. Scoob)
14-Stig Of The Dump – On A Rampage
15-Genelec & Memphis Reigns – Fire Bombz
16-DJ Bless AKA Sutter Kain – Black Sunday

Download at Dez Flight

lundi 14 février 2011

Dope Scratch videos !

Look at this crazy video of dj scratching heads !!!

Sorry for the commercial thing, but this short clip is so good...

I'm your father...

dimanche 13 février 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.5

1.Kinetic - Mom's is the ghetto
2.Aamir - Just let her know
3.Lateb - Ice water veins feat. Reef the Lost Cauze (prod. by Stu Bangas)
4.Rapper Big Pooh & M-Dot - No Surrendering (prod. by Explizit One)
5.Blaq Poet & Ty Nitty - Movie villains (prod. by Stu Bangas)
6.Blaq Poet, Jaysaun & Termanology - King of the Jungle (Falside Remix)
7.Chi King & DJ Doo Wop - Feliz
8.DJ JS-1 - Runnin' this feat. Termanology, Punchline & Rugged Intellect
9.East Coast Avengers - Lady liberty feat. Slaine
10.Erg One - Heavy Metal feat. The Clipse
11.Ill Bill, Reef the Lost Cauze & Slaine - Bangmatic RMX
12.Vinnie Paz - Keep movin' on feat. Shara Worden
13.LexKraze & Patrick Starr - Like mindz feat. Kool G Rap
14.M-Dot - The Real & The Raw feat. Jaysaun (Snowgoons Remix)
15.Red Eye - Larger than life feat Lo Baseline & Killa Sha
16.DJ JS-1 - Runnin' this feat. Termanology, Punchline & Rugged Intellect
17.Saigon & Statik Selektah - The Rules
18.Snowgoons - The hatred feat. Slaine, Singapore Kaine & Lord Lhus
19.Wispers - Talk about me
20.The Closers - Foulest feat. Krumb Snatcha
21.Unnownpharaoh - Black Snow Remix Feat. Ill Bill & Apathy


Find here the previous volumes : Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4

samedi 12 février 2011

Psych Ward... Pssyyyyyyyyych Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard !

A Hardcore Hip Hop Trio From Ontario, Canada. They have been pushing their underground styles leaving a menacing impact on the rap community. 
For more information about the group go to their Myspace

1 000 visites déjà !

Déjà 1 000 visiteurs depuis le 30 janvier 2011, plutôt un bon départ, en espérant que ça dure !
Pour fêter ça, je vais poster un p'tit truc sur un petit groupe... comment dire... HARDCORE !!!
Merci de votre soutien et de votre fidélité... Vos idées de post, vos créations sont les bienvenues (contactez moi :

vendredi 11 février 2011

Worlwide Rap music travel - Brazil (1)

Hurakán - Nem Martir Nem Messias   

Dr. Caligari - Cinema em Casa [prod.DJCaique]

 Doncesão - O Equilibrista (Prod. Dj Caique)

jeudi 10 février 2011

Compilation underground Vol.4

1.7l and Esoteric - Operating correctly feat. Mr Lif
2.7l and Esoteric - Public execution feat. Reks & Apathy
3.Wyze Mindz - A dream
4.Watchmen - Apocolypse feat. Blue Raspberry
5.Edo G - Beantowns best feat.Jaysaun, Krumsnatcha
6.J The S - Eyes wide shut prison
7.Tha Soloist - Nevergreen
8.Edu Leedz - Something to eat feat. Bad Newz, Al-J, Edo. G & J The S
9.The Devil'z Rejects - Vengeance feat. Chan & GZA
10.Earatik Statik - Miss those years feat. Edo G
11.Trife Diesel - Fyuz feat. Termanology & Sun God
12.Notes to self - What I am
13.Wyze Mindz - Higher intelligence
14.Wyze Mindz - Crazy
15.Swollen Members - Horrified nights
16.Wyze Mindz - Blaw
17.Gawdbless - My life feat. Aileen de la Cruz
18.Snowgoons - Goon stampede feat. Rakaa, Reks & Sicknature
19.Spit Supreme - Three of a kind feat. Akrobatik & Reef the Lost Cauze


Find here the previous volumes : Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3

mardi 8 février 2011

The legendary Kool G Rap is back !

Kool G Rap is back with this free EP before his new LP Riches, Royalty & Respect.
Download at

Someone said classic ?! DAS EFX !!!!!!!!

Voilà un des 1ers groupes à me faire entrer dans le monde du Hip Hop... back in 1992... DAS EFX, un groupe mythique, le Hardcore Rap à la mode Old School !

dimanche 6 février 2011

UnderSpot Presents: UnderBombz Vol.1 (2009)

Here is the 1st volume of great compilations from a great blog you have to check : UnderSpot !

01. L.A. Ment - Undispitable Feat. Evidence
02. L.A. Ment - Inferno
03. Cloak & Dagga - Letter From Head Trauma Feat. K-Solo & Kool G Rap
04. Blaque Spurmm - Nonoxynol Rhymin
05. Godamus Rhyme - Bounce Roll Rock Feat. Drunken Monk & Cashmere The Pro
06. Architect - Run With Us Feat. Rasco
07. E-Dot - My All Feat. Breez Evahflowin & Ill Bill
08. Abstract Mind State - These Raps Feat. Special Ed
09. El Da Sensei - Brick Mind Set Feat. Tame One & J. Burnz
10. Lost Boyz - Beasts From The East Feat. Redman, A Plus & Canibus
11. Conz - Life Through A Mad Man Chapter 2
12. Deux Process - Shoes Shoes Shoes
13. Warcloud - Amercia
14. LA The Darkman -Evil In A Blue Dress
15. Skull Bludgeon - Blood Yesterdays
16. F.T. ( Fuck That ) - Nobody Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Consequence
17. Flimode Squad - Let's Make A Toast Feat. Americam Cream Team


samedi 5 février 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.3

1.Wyze Mindz - World metdown
2.The Colored Shapes - Intro feat. inDJnous
3.Wyze Mindz - Phaze 1
4.Notes to Self - Midnight oil
5.Swollen Members - Black magic
6.Gawdbless - The Frontline
7.Snowgoons - Nothin You Say feat. Edo G (Luger Remix)
8.Another Rap Group - Represent
9.Notes to Self - A shot in the dark
10.Saigon & Statik Selektah - The Rules
11.King Magnetic - Fullest extent feat. Termanology and Immortal Technique
12.Wyze Mindz - High tech
13.Betrayl - The corner feat. Nature
14.Mr Boss - PrymarySource/Skrein - Armaggedon
15.X3M - We don't believe you feat. R.A.G.Z. and DJ Raid
16.Singapore Kane - Spit fire feat. Big Shug
17.Tha Soloist - The Withered
18.Mental Ward - Choose ya fate
19.Krumb Snatcha - Street Merchant
20.Snowgoons - The hatred feat. Slaine and Singapore Kane
21.Notes to Self - Heirlines
22.Statik Selektah - Eighty-two feat.Termanology


Find here the previous volumes : Vol.1, Vol.2


mardi 1 février 2011

Compilation Underground Vol.2

1.Canibus - New Jerusalem
2.Dumbfoundead - Jam Session 2.0
3.Dom Pachino - Operation warface feat. Chapel
4.Taiyamo Denku - Ease to medication
5.The Lost Generation - The Key
6.Volta Masters - Art of rap feat. Masta Ace and Edo. G
7.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Pirate X Remix)
8.Dom Pachino - Whatever yo feat. Double Ab
9.Taiyamo Denku - When Terror speaks feat. Keith Murray (Handycat Remix)
10.YC The Cynic - Lost
11.Little Vic - Throwback
12.Sha-King - Namesake
13.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Crown Remix)
14.DJ Low Cut - Randam Luck - Back To Business
15.DJ Low Cut - Bekay feat. Eturnal, Mr. Met, El Gant & One Dae - Battlefield (Remix)
16.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Kevin Crow)
17.Thadd Williams feat. Intalek, A. Driver and Carnage45 - Say Hello To The Future
18.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (Epcotic Beats)
19.Vinnie Paz - Drag you to hell (FascistBeats)


Find here the previous volumes : Vol.1

Voici ma 2ème petite compil', plus tôt que prévu !