samedi 24 août 2013

Asharri The Vagabond - 666 (2008)

1.Mark Of The Beast (Intro)
2.Fatally Flawed (666)
4.Supreme Feat. Benny NoBull
5.Blood Oath (First Blood Part 2)
6. On My Grind
7.Breaking Competition Feat. DBE
8.The Rapture
9.The Place Where We Dwell Feat. DBE & Knife Star
10.Godlike Energy Feat. Savvi & Enemy Rebellion
11.Human Passion
12.Dog Tags Feat. Knife Star
13.This Is War Feat. Graphic Grim & Zenz
14.Tell The Real Story Feat. Benny NoBull
15.Die Bold (Remix) Feat. DBE & Reks
16.I Have A Dream (Remix)
17.Alone In The Streets (Remix) Feat. 2nd Born Son
18. On My Grind (Remix)
19.Resurrection (Old School Mix)
20.Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Infidel Mix)
21.The Rapture (Remix)

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