samedi 31 août 2013

Asharri The Vagabond - New World Order (2008)

1.New World Order Feat. Knife Star & Toni Oscar
2.Return Of The Nigga (Niggerism 2)
4.Godspeed Feat. Struggle (Prod. by Sinima)
5.Masters Of The Universe Ft. Ill Methods
6.Fade Away Feat. Kamau & 2Mental
7.Make U See
8.Alone In The Streets Feat. 2nd Born Son
9.My City (Prod. by D-Cipher)
10.Pow Wow Highway Feat. Red
11.Brothers Gonna Work It Out Feat. Savvi (Prod. by The Specialists)
12.Criminal Feat. Shinobi & Kamau
13.Clash Of The Titans Feat. DBE
14.Secret Warfare (Prod. by Man At Arms)
15.rEvolution Feat. Evolution & Red
16.Whatever Goes Around Ft. Maniac & 7th Sun
17.I Have A Dream
18.Taste Of Flesh Feat. Ill Methods
19.Smoke Filled Room (Prod. by D-Cipher)

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