samedi 17 août 2013

DJ Eveready - Against The Grain Mixtape (2012)

Track Marked version Available @!download|419p2|…AE044792C452686BA
Track Listing.
1. Fuck the radio Intro
2. Jeru the damager- Speak ya Clout
3.Demigods-Don’t you even go there
4.Rawkotics- Goin’ all out
5.The Roots-Silent Treatement (k-def remix)
6.Surreal & Dj Balance- The proof
7.The Left- Desperation (prod Apollo Brown)
8.Nonchalant 5 O’clock (k-Def remix)
9.Elzhi- Detroit State of Mind
10.Diverse- Beyond
11.Biggie- Buddy X (Unreleased)
12.The Roots- 100% Dundee
13.How to make a mixtape-Interlude
14.Q-tip feat Busta Rhymes N.T
15.Ya wanna battle? Interlude
16.Pharoahe Monch-Clap
17.Freddie Fox- Tell ‘em I’m here
18.Big Pun-Beware
19.Blackmoon-I got ya’ open
20.Termanology- Watch how it go down (prod DJ Premier)
21-Diamond District- The streets won’t let me chill
22.Reks 25th Hour (prod (DJ Premier)
23.Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown- Volume
24.Evidence-I don’t need love
25.R.A Rugged Man feat Sadat X- 50,000 heads
26.RJD2 Final Frontier Outro (Eveready Remix)

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