jeudi 8 août 2013

PSYCH WARD - "The Last Supper" (Official Music Video) Produced by Al'Tarba REEL WOLF RECORDS 2013

Reel Wolf Presents

Psych Ward
"The Last Supper"

Directed/Edited by: Delaney Siren
Executive Producer: Tom Vujcic
Associate Producer: Amir Radi
Production Assistant: Steven MacDonald

Featured on the upcoming album MORE SLIME, coming out August 6th 2013
Albums can be purchased at:
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Full version of THE LAST SUPPER features Planet X (Eternal & Apacalypze) - which can be heard on the album


1. PRINCIPLES OF PAIN Produced by al'tarba
2. DIE SLOWLY Produced by Seb The Undead
3. HYPODERMIC NEEDLES (Feat. Nems, Sean Strange & Block McCloud) Produced by Al'Tarba
4. WARLORDS Produced by Apathy
5. H.O.O.D. Produced by J Nyce
6. THE LAST SUPPER (Feat. Planet X) Produced by Al'Tarba
7. DARK SCIENCE Produced by J Nyce
8. EXOSKELETONS (Feat Apathy & Celph Titled) Produced by J Nyce
9. THE CHASE Produced by Skammadix
10. VIOLENT CITY (Feat. Ty-Nitty & Lil Eto) Produced by Graph Wize
11. DEAD IN THE STREET (Feat. Necro & Demunz the Dark Apostle) Produced by J Nyce
12. US vs. THEM (Feat. Bizarre of D12) Produced by Sentury Status
13. CRYOGENIC Produced by Alter Prod
14. WALKING IN SHADOWS (Feat. Vanessa Vane) Produced by Grim Reaperz
15. ACID DREAMS Produced by Sentury Status
16. SUBTERRANEAN (Feat. Solomon Child, J Reno & Banish) Produced by Snowgoons
17. MY BROTHER Produced by J Nyce
18. WISH (Feat. Louie Rankin) Produced by J Nyce
19. LITTLE FISH Produced by Junior Makhno

PRINCIPLES OF PAIN (Extended Remix) Feat. Mr. Morbid & Sad Vicious
HYPODERMIC NEEDLES (Sentury Status Remix)
EXOSKELETONS (Graph Wize Remix)
SUBTERRANEAN (Alternate Version)
VIOLENT CITY (Alternate Version)

Mixed & Mastered by Sentury Status

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