mercredi 25 mai 2016

Supreme Da Almighty presents Back To The Basics Radio Show #23


1.Raekwon-Live From New York
2.Saukrates-Father Time
3.Mos Def-Mathematics
5.Literates-City Of Angels
6.Rated R-Grudge with the World Prod. Chrisu Beats
8.ATMA-Red Alert On Planet Earth
9.Kartune-Collaboration of the godz ft elijah brown and pandavinci
10.Taiyamo Denku & Dj Scob-Speak to the crowd
11.Basement Khemist-Correct Technique
12.Big L-Furious Anger ft Shyhiem
13.Apakalypse-Dark Skies Prod By Lord Gamma
14.Cormega-Dead Man Walking
15.Non Phixion-If You Got Love
16.Lord Lhus-Dead Dreams Ft Mr Morbid and Jace Abstract
17.Matt Maddox-You Are The Resistance
18.Dilated Peoples-The Main Event

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